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Hey guys I’m kaylee and new to this forum I normally just say back and read forums so I thought I might become a member and finally talk to people that have the same interests.

So why I’m really here is about my black ghost knife fish which is actually the first fish I had ever bought just over a year ago, I knew a little bit about fish keeping as it has always been my dads no 1 hobby but I didn’t know a whole lot. And if I didn’t want to make it harder on myself I decided to go planted aswell, he has gotten so big within the last year of having him I started him off in a 20 gallon until he got around 5 inches and now he’s in a 60 gallon square tank by his self and seems to love it he’s about 10 inches now but I’m wondering will he need a bigger tank in the future I feel like he does and I do have a 200 gallon tank I can use (steal off dad) lol what do you guys think ?


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Yep, it will need a bigger tank eventually--100 gallon minimum.


My last one was 16”, in a 6ft x 2ft 180g. They’re not a very bendy fish and it couldn’t turn round without doing a three-point turn. The tank was too small, imo.

Incidentally they much prefer a pipe to a cave. I use sections of guttering downspout.


Yes that’s why I have him in a square tank rather than a rectangle one and the 200 gallon I have is wider than most rectangle ones I’ve seen so he will probably end up in that and that grey rock is completely hollow that’s where he lives he loves it


....he loves it

There’s no possible way of knowing that. It will use it all the time if it’s all there is, but in nature they favour hollowed out tree branches.


I have a hollow tree in the as well as the grey cave and not once had he gone in the tree log he only goes in and around he’s cave

He lived in that log before I transferred him to this tank and as soon as I put him in there he went to the cave and never touched the log again


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although I’m thinking maybe the log was getting a bit small? It’s just not like them to prefer a cave.

They also like to have room to roll over. They often sleep upside down...

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That would be a reason why but he isn’t as long at it yet he used to live in that log but when I introduced the cave he hasn’t gone back lol and yes he sleeps upside down

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