Better Filtration Ideas?

Discussion in 'Pond Filter' started by jchunter13, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. jchunter13New MemberMember

    I’m going to be building an 8ft by 10ft at 3 feet deep pond with a waterfall. Currently having a hard time finding an ideal filtration for that size that can withstand Illinois winter and also not require a constant bothersome cleaning from being clogged. I have been looking at the Aquascape UltraKlean 2500 pond filtration kit leaning into a simple biofalls filter, but have read some mixed reviews. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  2. Zigi ZigWell Known MemberMember

    So you need pump can handle 1,185.92 Gallons Are you planning to add pump to water fall
  3. Goundar01Valued MemberMember

    I made a waterfall that is 330G. 5000G per hour pump for a pond 8'x7'x6' 2500G.

    The waterfall is lined with air diffusers and marinepure balls/cubes and mesh bags. Ceramic media and bioballs. Sponges above all the biomedia. Sponges will be changed with matala mat. Covered with plants: yellow iris, parrot feather, red stemmed parrot feather, also a few others...

    You can see straight to the bottom. IMG_20180905_170016.jpgIMG_20180905_165950.jpgSnapchat-38864257.jpgSnapchat-2042015732.jpgSnapchat-1589691793.jpg
  4. jchunter13New MemberMember

    I have an extra 400gph pump that can be added from the drained pond the previous owners left behind when I bought my house, but was hoping for an easy set up with one pump. All of this is completely new to me, so I’m open to any ideas
  5. Jack B NimbleValued MemberMember

    Research bog.... it's what I use and there is no easier or better filtration method for a garden pond not to mention cheapest. I am way way North of you and winter is not a factor.