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  1. Esimm03

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    Ive heard the term 'show grade betta' and was wondering what makes a betta show grade?

  2. EternalDancer

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    I'm not 100% sure, but it has to do with proportions and symatary(sp???) and tail types and colours all have their own grouping so it would depend further on what type/colour your betta is.
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    I was wondering as I've had some people saying how gorgeous my betta was, and I was wondering if he was show grade. Also what type would he be, I think he's a Delta but I'm not sure.



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  4. Hill Dweller

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    I saw some great info about Betta types and colours including the show standards on the Betty Splendens website. Also I imagine the show societies would list the full standards of each type of show variety :)
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    Could you get a picture of your betta flaring or with his fins spread apart? It will be easier to tell his tail type that way. The International Betta Congress has the show standards on their website. They seem to vary slightly based on the tail types. Some basic qualities are having unblemished fins and body, no body scars or missing scales, straight or gently curved rays, and healthy behavior. It would take me quite a while to list everything to look for, so I recommend visiting this website: