Bettas Fins Clamping/tearing, Need Advice On Treatment

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by betta_than_you, Apr 23, 2017.

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    Hello everyone. I've had Elliot for almost four weeks now, and his appearance/behavior has changed within the last 3 days. It's been especially worse today.

    - Although he still swims around, he spends a little more time near the gravel than before.
    - There is a straight tear in his analfin, and this evening I noticed what appeared to be early clamping--his caudal fin wasn't spreading out as much as it should. However, this problem went away after a water change.
    - His left ventral fin is very curled and ragged.
    - He will occasionally lean against/swim into plants and decorations--although I can't tell if this is resting behavior, or itching behavior

    Just checked my ammonia, and it was 0.25. I did a 50% water change, and working to get it to 0. I'm also going to pick up some aquarium salt, Indian almond leaves, and whatever medication you guys recommend.

    I just don't understand why this happened. His ammonia has never risen above 0.25. And as soon as it reaches that point, I make sure to do a water change. I also do a 25% every single day, regardless. I'm also using Prime, which I thought would help prevent this problem.

    Any tips? How should I continue with treatment? I have some sea salt in my kitchen (no iodine), should I add a bit to his water?

    Forgot to add: He is white, so I can't see any white marks that could indicate ick. And there is no discoloration at the end of his fins.
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    What size is his tank? I'm assuming it's not cycled or are you doing a fish in cycle?
    Are there any sharp plants or decor? If you could get a pic of him and your tank, that will help people try to see what is causing this for him. Hope he feels better soon!
  3. Cycerath

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    aquarium salt is always good to have on hand. imo it's kind of a catch all med that won't mess with cycling. if i don't know what's going on with one of my bettas i always try that first. it's also good to have a bag of frozen peas in your freezer too, that's another easy remedy to try. it's possible he's just bored too depending on decor and if it gets moved occasionally.

    he might be developing something like diamond eye or popeye that might mess with his vision but hard to tell without a picture.
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    First of all, have you completed the nitrogen cycle in your aquarium? If you haven't, I recommend reading up on it and completing it in your tank. Seachem Prime has the ability to neutralize ammonia, nitrates, and nitrite for 24-48 hours, so maybe you are still getting reading because it is past that amount of time. What test kit are you using? Most recommend API's Freshwater Master Test Kit. It can be a bit expensive, but online stores tend to have it cheaper than actual stores. Does Elliot show any signs of pineconing or bloat? It would really help if you could upload a picture, as we would be able to look at his fins and see exactly what they look like. I hope Elliot feels better soon!