Bettas fin changing unsure why?

  1. JodieMarie

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    My bettas tail fin is changing colour, he was once a vibrant Aqua, and the beginning of his fin under his body is turning white. I have looked up several things on the internet but nothing seems to match up - I also haven't seen any photos that look like what is happening to my little treasure.

    I am panicking because I would be devastated if something happened to him that I could have fixed.

    I looked up the 'causes' a fighter could change colour but nothing seems to add up, and it's happened so suddenly - there haven't been any major changes to his environment in the last year. (i.e tank changes, tank mates, temperature drops/rises). His personality hasn't changed, he still eats, and reacts to movement near him, he swims around.

    My partner seems to think it could be old age, I don't know how old he was when I got him, but I've only had him for a year.

    I am extremely worried, I would hate to loose him so early, he has such a personality and I just love him.

    13576428_10205403689852069_722022369_n.jpg 13607918_10205403689892070_528518649_n.jpg
    What he looked like on the first day I got him until About 2 weeks ago..
    13578856_10205403683411908_1385368888_n.jpg 13599487_10205403683531911_934537394_n.jpg
    What his tail looks like now.
    (Sorry for the dodgy photos - best I could manage at the time)
  2. musserump09

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  3. OP

    JodieMarie New Member Member

    Temp: 25' C (77 F)
    PH: 6.8 - 7

    I don't have a proper test at the moment - i've run out.
    I can get a better idea tomorrow.

    *Yes - tank is regularly cleaned (100% water changes)
  4. P

    Peacefantasy Well Known Member Member

    I dont see a filter..which means your tank isnt cycled.
    Have you read the nitrogen cycle?
    I would upgrade him to a 5g, with a sponge filter, and get your cycle going
  5. musserump09

    musserump09 Well Known Member Member

    Filter is needed and also a heater. API lquid test ASAP!

    Fish bowls are like living in your bath water for a week would you?