10 Gallon Tank Bettas, Cories And Rabbit Snails?!


HI everyone! I recently came into possession of an 11-12 gallon tank (for free!). I’ve set it up today with sand substrate, some rock decorations, and a lot floating plants and am now waiting for it to cycle so I can introduce a Betta fish. The thing is, I keep 4 cories in my other 15 gallon community tank, and they’re currently on really rough substrate. I’m unable to switch out the substrates right now, due to the millions of baby assassin snails that have taken up residence there. I think the cories would be much happier on the sand, but I don’t know if my Betta would try and attack them. To complicate things, I have always desperately wanted a rabbit snail or two, but have been unable to get one due to my aforementioned assassin snails. Would one male Betta, four cories, and a pair of rabbit snails be able to get along in a ten-gallon with a lot of plant cover? Is there any way to tell how aggressive one of the Betta fish in my LFS’ well-maintained Betta tanks would be before I bought it? I figured there would be a forum for stocking questions, but I can’t find it, so can you all help me solve this puzzle?


Have the cories be in the tank before the Betta. It’s good to stock in parts anyway so even if your tank is cycled and can catch up with the load. Let the cories be in the tank for awhile, and let them get cozy and establish themselves in the tank. That way when the Betta comes into the tank as a newbie, the cories already being there will make him less uncomfortable towards them. If you were to add the cories after the betta has become comfortable, he may feel as they are intruders to his territory. If you can, get a Betta that had been housed with other fish. You can also get a female, though females can be as aggressive as males, if not more. It really depends on your bettas personality. If your store only sells bettas individually, go for one that seems friendly. If they puff out their gills at you it is a sign of aggression so in your case you may want to avoid those ones (though they tend to be the ones with more sassy, interesting personalities). You can ask your LFS about the bettas. If they care for them, they should know what they’re personalities are like. As for the snails, your Betta may nip at them once or twice out of curiosity but if he is cool with the cories he will be fine with snails. Cories are at the bottom whereas bettas are at the top of the tank so that makes your odds better. Another thing to keep in mind is how long the Betta has been isolated. The longer they stay solo, the more intolerant of other fish they become.

Unless you get a very very aggressive betta I think it should work tho

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