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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by SabrinaBrook, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. SabrinaBrookWell Known MemberMember

    Hi everyone,
    I have my bettas in divided cubicals, well my males at least, and since recently i have blocked their view of each other for stress reasons. I have noticed they are now bored, laying about in plants or on the gravel, digging in the gravel, swimming fast up and down and doing laps of the heater or staring at the wall. I noticed at the pet store they sell little betta exercise mirrors, but i don't want a mirror in each cube all the time, that will just cause stress i think. My question is, to stimulate my bettas should i pull out the blocking divider for 10 minutes a day or every other day so they can have some form of exercise? Is it necessary for them at all?
  2. Silister TrenchWell Known MemberMember

    Let me get this straight pull out your dividers and essentially let them play with each other and do laps?

    Correct me if I got this wrong, but if I didn't then that wouldn't be a good idea at all for escalating death matches.

    How bigs your tank? If they're divided into 1/3 portions in a five gallon tank then they probably don't have enough room to actively play. I've only owned one that really did a whole lot, and that was when he was in a 20 gallon with some neon tetra's. Aside from tasting one of there eyes, he usually say on a leaf, or swam back and forth before feeding.

    Edit: I honestly wouldn't worry at all about it. You're probably doing everything right and it's just their personalities.
  3. SabrinaBrookWell Known MemberMember

    Its a 30L long tank with 4x cubicals, which equates to about 6.5L each cubical. And sorry i wasn't clear with the dividers, there is glass dividers and i have slid blue plastic down them to block their view, I meant to say take out the plastic dividers...
  4. Silister TrenchWell Known MemberMember

    Alright. I got it now! Sorry! I read through and figured there was something I wasn't understanding.

    Sounds like they have adequate space and everything. I still wouldn't do anything, but I've always been a fool for experimenting. I'd imagine lifting the blinds would be similar to an "exercise mirror". They'd flare and strut their stuff. I have no idea if it would be beneficial to their day-to-day, but the negative stress some may point at 10 mins is so minimal I don't see how it would hurt to try, and if it uplifts them... Cool.
  5. LucyModeratorModerator Member

    Funny, I was reading (watching?) something recently from someone who breeds and shows. It's very relevant to your question.

    Their betta tanks are side by side. They have cardboard between them so the bettas cannot see each other to avoid stress.

    However since she felt they get bored every now and then (not sure how often or how long) she removes the cardboard for a short periods of time so they can safely interact, flare and posture.

    Basically what Silister Trench posted. :)
  6. SabrinaBrookWell Known MemberMember

    Thanks guys!
    I think 2 times a week i will exercise my bettas now, say on a monday and friday for around 10 mins :)
  7. Kesh88Valued MemberMember

    You can also hold a mirror up to the side of the tank for a few minutes every few days

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