Betta's and community they go?

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Question...: Can you put a single Betta male in with friendly non nipping community fish?
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I'm not a betta fan personally, so don't own one, but there is a ton of info where lots of folks seem to have them with different types of fish. I'd peruse that portion of the forums for awhile and see if you can't find some good info, while waiting for someone who has/had experience in that department.
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sound advice cheers
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It is not recommended especially with a male betta
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Take my advice...and don't do it. I've heard that they may make out ok with cories but I put one in a community tank and it had a horrid outcome.
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It really depends on the betta. Some betta's will tolerate being in a community tank while others will not. If you do try it please have a back up tank for the just in case it doesn't work.
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Don't do it.
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I believe it really does depend on the betta. Some people get it to work and others don't but it really does depend on the betta as well as the other fish (some are more adventurous than others, even of the same species).

I would like to some day have a tank with some kuhlI or dwarf loaches, harlequin rasboras and a betta. But I'm still new with bettas and saddly I understand that is probably an unrealistic "dream" tank. So for me I want to wait until I know everything there is to know species wise before I attempt to venture into their psyche. But I believe it can be done and has been done here - just not something you want to jump right into and so advised against.
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I won't Betta's is now off my wish list thanks for the advice
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IMO female bettas do much better in a community tank. But it really does depend on what other fish there is in the tank with them. That especially goes with the male betta and their large flowing fins. I had my male in a 29 gallon community tank and he was fine with all the fish except the gourami. It didnt take me long to realize that he had to have his own tank. I separated them soon after.
I also had a female in a community tank, no one bothered her, and she of course didnt bother anyone else. But since they are solitary tank fish.. it didnt seem to matter much to her whether or not she was with others, as she stayed by herself anyway and swam around ignoring all the others.
So in the long run.. Id say that they really should have their own tanks. Its a much safer idea.

~ kate
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I won't Betta's is now off my wish list thanks for the advice

They are lovely fish and I really like mine but he is in his own tank. Dont become discouraged there are other pretty fish that do well in a community tank.
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What fish do you have in mind? Remember, Bettas only really get on with otos and corys.

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It's rare to find a betta which can go in a community tan for long term. Just see if you can find a betta with mild temperament (they are out there).
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Bettas are not community fish. It's their instincts from their wild ancestors to be more solitary and territorial. Occasionally, you'll get a Betta with the right temperment and the perfect balance of other fish but mostly the Bettas end up stressed or dead. It's fighting natural instincts.
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I will say that my bettas share their tanks with others but here is my tank compliments:

Tank #1 12 gallon

1 Betta; 3 Yo-Yo Loaches

Tank #2 12 gallon

1 Betta; 1 Gypsy King Tiger Pleco; 2 Dwarf Loaches

Tank #3 12 gallon

1 Betta; 1 Queen Arabesque Pleco; 2 Dwarf Loaches

Tank #4 25 gallon

I am listing a betta here as I now have a new baby but he is not in there yet!
1 Betta; 10 Dwarf Loaches; 2 Sterba's Cories; 1 Clown Pleco; 2 Otos

If I did have it to do over again the Bettas would be in those tanks with only a Pleco or a few Otos, but the fish are there and I will not get rid of them because they are not the most convenient. As much as I love my Bettas, I love the others too. But I will not replace them when they die off, where the bettas will be replaced as will I get more in the way of Otos and replace my Plecos who I have come to adore as well.

The Loaches I do love but they are very quick moving fish and they do occasionally disturb the bettas and make them move out of the way of their antics. They are healthy and happy and I love to watch them but I would not buy them again. The Yo-Yo Loaches were purchased when I had a particular problem that I needed their help with. (snails) and I will love them for helping me with that as it was about to drive me to distraction, I will give these fish my best care but when they are gone, they are gone. I love them and talk to them the same as the bettas, much to the bettas disgust, but they deserve attention too. They just do not seem to NEED it the same way the Bettas do.


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