Bettas and angelfish

  1. y

    yams08 New Member Member

    So I'm wondering if my female bettas would be okay with my angelfish. There are 6 of them and my angelfish isn't really aggressive and neither are the bettas. It's a 50 gallon tank that is planted well and has many hiding spots. If not, I have another tank where i could move the angelfish into.
  2. Coradee

    Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    I wouldn't chance it, females can be just as feisty as males, sometimes more so & those angel fins could be just too tempting
  3. OP

    yams08 New Member Member

    Okay thanks! Would they have a better chance getting along with endlers and cories in a 35 gallon?
  4. U

    UniqueBettas New Member Member

    personally females only need each other for company and an pleco to help break up fights.