1. kimoore Member Member

    Anyone ever use these guys to order bettas?
  2. greenbeanette Member Member

    Yep, that's where I got mine from. No problem with them.

  3. kimoore Member Member

    i see you are also in the USA. Good to know. On their website it said they are based in Thailand, is that true? How long did it take to get your Betta?
  4. greenbeanette Member Member

    Yep, they are based in Thailand. When you buy the fish, you get a copy of the shipping schedule from there to each transhipper. They seem to ship once or twice a week. It's 5 dollars to ship from there to the transhipper in the US. The cost from the the transhipper to you depends on whether you choose priority or express. For me it was either $28 or $45.