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  1. My beta Benjie is acting weird he is not as playful now. He sits at the bottom bottom of his tank and has red gills and barley white fins. He lives in a 1 gallon bowl with 100% water changes every three days. he has two inches of tan gravel and is fed 3 pellets a day. I love Benjie!!!! HELP ME!!!!
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    He's being stressed from a small space, since 1 gallons isn't enough for a betta
    Get a 5 gallon for him

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    Bowls are never suitable for fish. The surface just isn't wide enough.

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    It could be ammonia poisoning from the ammonia building up in the bowl, imo. If it were me I'd do a water change and try to get him into something more suitable.

    Good luck. :)
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    He appears to have ammonia poisoning. Do a 90% water change DAILY with water from the same source and temperature as to what is in his bowl. He needs almost perfect water to get better and that is impossible in anything unfiltered, so then go out and buy a small aquarium kit (3 gallons or larger) that includes a filter. There is no really getting around that, it is the minimum required for housing a betta properly, all those betta bowls being sold are a gimmick.