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    You want the stuff in the normal API bottle (the lid has a measuring cap on top) if you get the stuff that's linked on Amazon, then it will have a bunch of extra stuff that you wouldn't want or need.
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    Do you know where or even if I can buy it online or can you only just get it at a pet store?
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    So, my mom, being the awesome person that she is, picked up some stuff while she was on lunch break. She picked up some aquarium salt and Stresscoat liked I asked, but also picked up Imagitarium Bacterial Infection Remedy. I don't believe that Winter currently is suffering from any sort of bacterial infection at the moment, so I was wondering if this would be safe to use. Thanks in advance!
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    It is best to avoid medicines unless they are needed, if you see signs of it showing I would use it, but if no bacterial infections show I would just hold onto it. The way salt works is by irritating the fish to produce a thicker slime coat (the slime coat is the fish's first defense). Stresscoat provides that without irritation.
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    That's what I was thinking about the medicine. I'll hold off on using it unless anything changes.
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    Nothing seems to have changed; Winter is still eating and actively swimming around her tank. This makes me even more excited for when I move her into the 9-gallon. Sorry about the lack of pictures; I still haven't gotten my camera fixed, but hopefully I can get it to work within the next couple of days.
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    I had to get a new heater for the tank as it seems the one I originally had stopped working overnight; I'm just glad that it didn't overheat. Winter has started eating frozen Blood Worms and frozen Brine Shrimp, along with Omega One Betta pellets. She's become even more active over the last two days and she is rarely in the same spot for more than a second. The 9-gallon should be cycled within the next few weeks and I'll be ordering some live plants and driftwood for it this weekend. She is an awesome little fish so far and is very interactive. She has been a great addition to my fish family and I couldn't be happier with how's she is progressing and doing. I should be able to get some pictures tonight as that's when I'll be buying a new camera. I wish I could express my thankfulness to all of you guys in a better way. I couldn't even imagine taking care of a fish like Winter before joining Fishlore and I've learned so much. You guys are all really great.
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    It's amazing to hear her progress!
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    I just wanted to add in what little knowledge I could give to this situation. My betta, Jax completely lost his tail to fin rot which then turned into body rot. I have always maintained my aquarium well and gave Jax the absolute best care that I could including daily water changes for weeks. Despite my care, the rot persisted I'm guessing from bad genetics. I think he had a weak immune system to begin with. Even with his tail gone, Jax was a very active and happy fish. He ate very well, and was always on the move. I am positive that if I could have gotten rid of the rot, he would have remained happy and for the most part, healthy. He lost all his energy when I put in a dose of kanaplex, which I was hoping would save him, and remained bedridden (literally) for about a month until the body rot finally killed him. :( Here's what I have learned from this: the fish can still live without a tail. I have no clue if the tail will grow back or not at this point, but a fish can live without it. ROT WILL KILL! Check for signs of rot frequently. Anything that is white and stringy or black and dirty looking on the fish's body needs attention as soon as possible. If you don't notice any signs of rot, Winter will be fine. While he had body rot, Jax did the best when I was doing daily 50% water changes with 2 tsp salt/gallon. Apparently this high of a dose or higher should not be used for more than 10 days. Here is a link to a website that I used.
    Jax actually got worse with medications. I would not recommend using medication at all unless you see signs of fin rot, and even then, stay away unless it is severe rot otherwise use water changes and aquarium salt for treatment. Because you don't notice any rot, I don't think daily water changes are necessary, but frequent water changes would be good as a precaution since she is new and you don't know what happened to her tail in the first place. I am currently using 1/2 tsp of salt/gallon in my ten gallon aquarium as a preventative for my new betta, Sammie, with a 30% water change twice a week. I dose vitachem and also have an almond leaf in there.
    The first picture is Jax without a tail. You can see on his tail end there is black skin. That's the bad stuff. He should have been a red, white, and blue betta. I understand that especially with koi bettas, colors change, but trust me. You will know this kind of rot if it shows up. If you notice, Jax's anal fin is shredded at the bottom. There was no rot there (have no idea how he did that!) But it nearly completely healed all the way within two weeks of daily 50% water changes and 2tsp salt/gallon. The second picture is Jax bedridden. Be careful. Kanaplex is what knocked him out like this (yes, I followed the directions). I just wanted to emphasize that he still lived for one whole MONTH like this, sleeping in bed, and I fed him in bed, until he finally died (rest in peace my poor Jax :().
    So yes, Winter will live without a tail, and as long as you keep a good eye on her, she will be just fine. Hope this helps and sorry for the novel-like post. Lol.
    P.S. I'm so proud of you for adopting a tailless fish.

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    @Tina the fishy Words cannot express how sorry I am for your loss. Jax looked like a beautiful fish, and I cannot imagine how awful it must have been to go through that, but I thank you for sharing this with me. This definitely made me look over Winter more closely than I have before and I'll be even more diligent in checking for signs of body rot or any kind of illness or infection. Again, my heart breaks for you and what you went through with Jax, but I am so very appreciative of this and how eye-opening the dangers of rot can be.
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    Here are some pictures! Winter got really shy when I tried to take pictures and just froze. I don't know if she was posing or not lol. She flared at the phone a bit, and I wish I got a picture of that, but alas I was not that lucky.

    Sorry for the bad picture quality; I still haven't bought a new camera and my phone sucks at taking pictures.
    IMG_2019.jpg IMG_2018 (1).jpg IMG_2020.jpg
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    You're welcome! I love this forum because you help people and get help for all the aquatic questions in the world!;)
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    Hello, everyone! It's been a while since I updated and I just wanted to say that Winter is still doing wonderfully. Though, the other day she did seem to have some issues with her swim bladder (she had a hard time swimming and kept on floating to the top of the tank). I fasted her for 3 days and made sure to do slightly larger water changes (30% instead of 25%) and she seems to be doing fine now. I've still been making sure to check for any signs of fin rot, body rot, or fungus and I (thankfully) have still not noticed any signs of these things. Winter has warmed up to me a lot more and now she comes to greet me whenever I walk up to her tank, along with following my movements; she's much more interactive than some of my other Bettas and I hope that doesn't change when she moves to a larger tank.
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    Yay! Thanks for the update! I'd love to see new pics when you get a chance! :)
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    I'll try to get some tomorrow!
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    Pictures! Winter still is having a little trouble with buoyancy, but she's doing a lot better than she was just a few days ago. The temp is a bit too cool, but that's just because I accidentally unplugged the heater last night, so the water is still warming up a bit. IMG_2025.jpg IMG_2026.jpg
    Winter's future tank (the plants were just put in here haphazardly since I only got them yesterday):
    Winter's tailless brother, Boone, looking for food... like usual:rolleyes:
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    Everything and everyone is loooking great! Winter's colors are really coming in beautifully!!!
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    Thank you! Photos just don't do a justice for her coloring; she looks a lot prettier in real life haha
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    Omg!!! More pics please!!! I love her