Betta Without A Tail

  1. Aureus Member Member

    This morning I decided to go to Ace hardware store to pick up some ammonia, and lo and behold, there was a Petco right across the parking lot. I stopped inside just to get some more cat food, but I had to stop and look at the Bettas. There I found a female Koi Betta (who I think is a boy since I haven't been able to see his/her eggspot) who was missing his/her tail... I tried walking away from him/her, but I couldn't leave without him/her. S/he also seems to have ammonia burns, but s/he still seems to be fairly active.

    Tl;dr: I got a Betta who's missing her/his tail because I'm impulsive and don't know how to say "no."

    S/he is currently in a small one-gallon tank until I can get my 9-gallon cycled. I added some Prime to the tank and will be performing water-changes every day until s/he can move to a larger tank. What else can I do?

    Thanks! IMG_2015.jpg IMG_2013.jpg IMG_2016.jpg
  2. corywand Well Known Member Member

    Is the one-gallon heated?
  3. Aureus Member Member

    Yes, it's heated at a steady 78 degrees.
  4. Lorekeeper Well Known Member Member

    I'd add some floating plants for him/her to lay on near the surface, so s/he doesn't have to struggle to breathe.

    Once the 9 gallon is setup, just make sure there's not a ton of flow and there's some decor or plants near the surface for him/her to lay on.
  5. Bruxes and Bubbles Well Known Member Member

    Aw, poor baby. :(

    All you can do is keep the water warm and clean at the moment from the looks of it.

    If there are any infections/fungus issues that pop up there are lots of medication experts to help.

    Any body rot or just missing tail?
  6. Aureus Member Member

    I haven't noticed anything except just the missing tail, but I'll definitely keep my eye out if I notice any body rot. I'll definitely update if anything changes. Thanks!
  7. maeh22 Member Member

    I'm really glad you saved him/her!!! I'm assuming it's the same with all petcos so she would've probably been thrown away. Literally. Put in the trash.
  8. Aureus Member Member

    S/he was 50% off, but really I probably should have gotten him/her for free.
  9. Sofia❤️Fish Member Member

    I am not totally sure of this (you should probably research it a bit first) but you could add aquarium salt! (Again I'm not totally sure but something to look into) I hope s/he gets better soon!
  10. Aureus Member Member

    I was thinking about doing that, but I'm not too sure how much I would need to add or if it would hurt rather than help.
  11. Lorekeeper Well Known Member Member

    There are some good articles online about it. Most of the time, its therapeutic.
  12. Sofia❤️Fish Member Member

    On the box it should say how much to use, my friend had a guppy in a uncycled tank and his tail slowly came off, I told her to use salt but he ended up dying But I think if you act fast on this problem it could be fixed soon!
  13. Aureus Member Member

    Thanks, guys! I'll probably pick up some aquarium salt tomorrow when I go out for lunch.
  14. Sofia❤️Fish Member Member

    Keep us updated!
  15. Aureus Member Member


    This might seem a little bit random or silly, but does anyone know how my Betta could have lost its tail? I haven't seen any sign of fungus or infection, so I don't think that was the case. Could it have possibly been poor water quality or extreme tail biting?
  16. Gadfly Member Member

  17. Mcasella Fishlore VIP Member

    It would have been poor water quality, they likely changed the water recently and added some "medicine" that knocked the fungus off.
    The good thing is clean water and warmth will produce great results. However it is possible she will not regrow the tail if the infection ate into her actual body, she is missing a chunk of her anal fin as well which makes me suspect the infection got to her actual body - but she can learn to swim without a tail and there is a chance of regrowth if it didn't get too far into the body.
    She will be a nice red spotted koi once she gets warmed up to her new home, just got one with the same pale coloring and she turned out to be a rich scarlet color in the spots (she was not happy clamped fins and all, but she is kicking it in a heated tank now). I say she because of the ovary shape you can see.
  18. Aureus Member Member

    She's actually swimming really well, better than I expected at least, so I would consider that to be quite a positive sign as she's pretty active. It's a shame that she probably won't grow back her tail, though, but as long as she's happy and healthy even without it, then I'm happy. I can't wait to see her color up a bit! I'm sure she'll be a beautiful fish.

    Unfortunately, my camera isn't working properly, so I can't get a picture of her right now, but she seems to still be doing well. She hasn't eaten yet, but I'll try feeding her frozen bloodworms later today to see if she'll eat that. I also came up with a name for her! I decided to go with Winter because she reminded me so much of the dolphin who lost her own tail in a crab trap.

    You guys have been so helpful and I can't thank any of you guys enough for helping me out. You are all really awesome.

    She ate some pellets! I put a few small Omega One pellets in her tank and she ate them all extremely fast. I'll give her some frozen bloodworms later tonight and see if she likes that.
  19. lilabug4545 Member Member

    If you can, I would do a 50% dose of Super Ick Cure from API, and then change the water the next day (make sure to take any carbon out). It's pretty much diluted malachite green, but if you do just a half dose, it should be a good prventative against any fungus until that tail grows back. Best of luck!
  20. Aureus Member Member

    Thanks! I'll look into ordering some tonight.