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Basically since the end of March my Bettas top lip & nose have slowly been getting bigger.
He has a white pimple appear on his nose from time to time, roughly once a month.
I assumed that it's an infection of some sort & the pimple comes up when it's worse. Thing is the pimple should act as a release valve, the infection should drain & swelling goes down. Assuming it's chronic this would be the cycle. But... this isn't the case his lip is very slowly getting bigger. So I can also rule out trauma.
He also had a cloudy eye for 4 days last month but I think he damaged it on some filter sponge that got loose. That's all cleared up no problem.
He is acting fine & eating.
Ammonia 0
Nitrites 0
Nitrates 5-10
Ph around 7.4

I started off with upping the WC & IAL standard stuff.
He's had a week of ParaGuard with no improvement, we've had just over a week med free & the Paraguard is the first round of meds he's had.

Any ideas where to go from here?
I have most meds as a just incase rule, I generally don't like using them.
I was thinking Myxazin, as another anti bacterial. I've never had much success with ParaGuard in the past. Seems to work great for some.
I've attached some pics, best I could get as he doesn't stay still. The one with the pimple is the last time he had it & that was end of April.
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