Betta With Swim Bladder Disorder? Question

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by BettaFan87, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. BettaFan87New MemberMember

    Hey guys! I got Rocket a couple of weeks ago and noticed he couldn't float. I'm guessing it's swimbladder disorder. But he is otherwise active and healthy. No bloating to be seen. Loves eating. I've fasted him for only one day. He won't touch the pea. Should I fast him more?(it's hard for me to bear fasting him hehe) could it be from birth? Since he came with like this I can't tell. I have reduced water and he seems comfortable and resting in the leaves. Water changes etc are maintained. Thanks!
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    They do look a little bloated from what I can see towards the end of the video. Fasting should be done for 2-3 days, mine have gone up to a week based on the situation. Sounds harsh but eventually they will eat the food you offer if they become hungry enough, or they might at least taste it before continuing to refuse it. How are you preparing the pea and how big is the piece you are offering to them? Garlic can be used as an appetite enhancer to pre soak food in or if you can find daphnia, that is a natural laxative and a tasty treat which you could use instead of a pea.
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    Hey! Thanks for getting back to me!
    I soaked the pea in hot water, deshelled it, broke it up and put in about a quarter as suggested. But today I did notice he had a bit of a belly so I'll try fasting him for 3 days. (hopefully, he won't hate me :) He just stares at me balefully till i cave! So I shall resist him for his own good! I will also try to find daphnia. Thanks again! I'll update soon.
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    Keep us posted! After the 3 days try the pea again and if they still don't go for it go another 2 days or so. I wouldn't go over a week without feeding them something just to make sure they are in fact still eating and have an appetite. And keep an eye out for poop as it can be a good sign things are moving along..

    If you can find daphnia my bettas absolutely LOVE it. Since I've started feeding them daphnia I no longer keep peas. It's just easier to prepare IMO.