Betta With Swim Bladder Disease

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by JENNIFER020980, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. JENNIFER020980

    JENNIFER020980New MemberMember

    I need help with my female veil tail who has developed SBD. I apologize in advance as this is a long post I have treated her for the spectrum and nothing has cured her 100%. I got her in April from Petco and I had her in a 1 gallon tank. She was fine and ate 1 dry Hikari pellet a day and fasted on Sundays. I upgraded her in May to a 2.5 gallon tank. She was fine the first 2-3 weeks and then started having issues with her tail floating up to surface. I would fast her and she'd go back to normal. I started soaking the pellets which seemed to help, but now for the last 6-7 weeks she has chronic SBD. Fasting and pea treatment would initially help but she would go back to popping up and laying on her side after a few days. I tried feeding her only 3x a week no change. I bought frozen daphnia and bloodworms and stopped pellets, again helped but no cure. What is even more interesting is she will float or pop up and then an hour later swim normally at all levels of the tank and then sometimes an hour later sometimes 2-3 days later (I will fast her) and she goes back to floating or popping up. I decided to try meds.
    1 week of Pima fix water change - no change
    1 week of Api general cure - water change no change
    1 week of Api Tetracycline - water change no change
    Medicated food with Seachem Metroplex, garlic guard, and Focus - no change
    1 week of Prazi in tank - seemed better did 100% water change on 7/1/17 was better for a week and now back to floating. Was better yesterday swimming normally for a few hours now floating since 10 pm last night.

    She is an aggressive eater so no trouble dosing meds in food.

    I don't think it's a birth defect since she goes back to normal. She has never been handled rough or netted. I scoop her out in her original Betta cup. The meds should have ruled out parasites and bacterial infection correct?

    Someone said api aquarium salt. Could see be egg bound? I am out if ideas. She is otherwise healthy eating and social. I feel really bad for her because i can tell she's stressed.

    About her tank:
    2.5 gallon
    Heated 74-76 degrees
    Aqueon filter
    Religious 25% water change every 7-8 days
    Conditioner - Seachem Prime 2 drops per gallon

    Api master test kit Water parameters today:
    pH - 7.4
    Ammonia is usually 0 but I think residue from meds bumped it up to .25 ppm. I added 5 drops of Prime to neutralize until i can do water change tonight.
    Nitrites - 0 ppm
    Nitrates - 0 ppm

    Can anyone help me? Please don't yell at me about meds. I know it's bad. I had an experienced fish store owners guidance and they were spread out over the entire course of this, not all at once. Nothing has helped my little fish. I have a ton of money invested in my $2.99 girl. Any advice would be appreciated. Below are some pics.

    Thank you all so much!

  2. Cricket lynn mclean

    Cricket lynn mcleanWell Known MemberMember

    so sorry for your fish :( My crown tail Betta has similar problems. He can swim down but always pops back up. He tries to lodge himself under things to stay down but it never lasts long. Following.

  3. OP

    JENNIFER020980New MemberMember

    I'm sorry for your boy. He's pretty. Yes she will lodge herself under a rock while this is happening to sleep. Then other times she's fine and swims freely and normal. It's frustrating.
  4. Cricket lynn mclean

    Cricket lynn mcleanWell Known MemberMember

    I have fasted him for 2 days and given him half a pea 1× daily for 4 days and it's not making any difference :( any advice

    And advice on original post ? ? ?

    I wonder if water softness has anything to do with it?
  5. OP

    JENNIFER020980New MemberMember

    The pea treatment and fasting didn't help my girl either. I noticed the most improvement by keeping her on frozen daphnia. She was much better yesterday morning I even took a video of it, when I got home from work not only was she not better she was on her side at top and almost upside down. I thought I was going to lose her. I had not fed her since Monday but her belly looked pretty bloated I just don't know why. I feel so bad for you. Not a lot of advice on this problem I'm afraid. She is stuck at the top but better than last night this morning. I don't know what to do.

    I don't post a lot here. Do you know if you can tag Betta people so they see the post?
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  6. Initiate

    InitiateWell Known MemberMember

    I'm sorry to hear this. I have no experience with SBD but will try and give you a general procedure to follow. Buy Aquarium Salt for freshwater tanks. It has to be meant for aquariums because normal salt has chemicals in it that are harmful for fish. Use the dosing guide on the back. I hope you guys have some luck. And I would feed your fish a bit more food when she gets better
  7. Shadow2331

    Shadow2331Valued MemberMember

    bettas can have SBD if the temperature of the tank is too low, slowing down the fish's metabolism, and therefore, digestive system. The temperature should be kept stable, at 76 - 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Extremely sensitive fish may become constipated despite the best diets and conditions. Do monitor the tanks temperature properly and look for any possible injury because injury can also cause SBD.

    you will need to fast your bettas for 3 or 4 days and then feed them peas for the pea treatment to be effective.

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