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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Musicman88, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Musicman88New MemberMember

    Hi, as it says in the topic, I have 2 male platys in a 20g long. I would love to add a male betta. My Local store says that this will be fine, I'd just like to double check with all you guys?
  2. AsterWell Known MemberMember

    A lot depends on the betta's temperament. Does the tank have a lot of hiding places and things to break the line of sight?
  3. minervalongWell Known MemberMember

    In my experience, it can be done but it isn't easy at all. You run a real risk of death for the platys. It all depends on the betta.

    But, if you want to do it, and are committed to all the watching you have to do, then it can be done. There are a few guidelines though.

    Tank: Scape your tank around a betta. Lots of soft plants, taller decor. The temp has to be right for a betta, cooler temps can make them grumpier.

    Other fish: Nothing with flowy fins or anything resembling a betta. Platys have color so that is problematic.
    Nothing that is more aggressive than a betta, they would eat the fins right down, if not kill him outright.
    Let the tank get established with the platys and add the betta last.

    Betta: DO NOT get a crowntail. It wasn't until after my crowntail murdered one platy and I caught him with anothers tail in his mouth that I found out crowntails are one of the more aggressive bettas.
    Get the betta, quarantine then acclimate him to the display tank. Add him to the tank when you can be around to watch for aggression.
    Buy from a source that you can return the betta to for exchange. It may take a few tries before you get a betta that is personable enough to add to a community tank. If the first doesn't work, take him back and try again.
    When buying look for the healthiest in the cups, one that will pay attention to you. Take along a small mirror, see if he flares and then relaxes or if he remains agitated. A flare then relaxing is ok, continued agitation isn't a good sign.
    Again, it is possible, I have one (halfmoon) in with a swordtail, Australian rainbow and a couple of corys (I know, temp differences but everyone gets moved around this week). There is some flaring and a bit of chasing of the bossy boots swordtail, but she has learned to evade lol. On the other hand, King Henry the 8th lives strictly alone, not even snails as he pesters the heck out of them.
    Good luck.
  4. Kenny777Well Known MemberMember

    If you can bring a pocket mirror I've heard this would help a lot to check his/her temperament.
  5. Cherie GValued MemberMember

    After being told it was fine by a big chain pet store, I used to keep my betta in a community tank (lots of plants & decor). He was great for a year and then all of a sudden he attacked one of my danios, which died a few days later as a result. So sad :(, I felt terrible about it. I re-homed the betta to a 5 gallon tank and something I noticed is that while he was fairly active in the community tank, he got way more active etc. once he was on his own. Makes bubble nests like crazy, explores all over his tank and swims up to see me when I come over to watch him etc. Shows way more of his personality now. That was just my experience, not trying to stir up the bettas ok/not ok in community tanks debate. I know fish have unique personalities and some bettas can probably do just fine in the right community, but for me I would not want to risk it again.

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