Betta With Fin Rot? Question

  1. Betta challenge Initiate Member

    i got a male crow tail Betta who losing he tail fins he shares a tank with 2 other male Bettas (its dose have dividers) the other 2 are not Losing fins.he losing fins at a fast rate I read some times they chew they own tails I’m not really sure. He next to a real aggressive male so I moved him to the other side of the tank I am also treating the whole tank for fin rot In case. I got a lot to learn about Bettas and I’m learning everyday. Sorry it’s a bad photo

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  2. AZrodeo92 Well Known Member Member

    Can they see eachother at all?
    Where is the filter?
    How big is each section?
    How big is the total tank?
    What are the parameters including temp?

  3. Betta challenge Initiate Member

    He can see others if he goes to one of the vents were water enters and exists from wise no
    Filter is the back of the whole tank water enters one side goes tough number of chambers that catches dirt and cleans the water then it enters back into the fish are and goes though the 3 of the then it repeats.
    16 litres whole tank
    3 liters for each tank
  4. AZrodeo92 Well Known Member Member

    Because they can see eachother (even if they aren't constantly looking at eachother) I would say that the middle one is stressed. I speak from experience when I say that they should not be able to see eachother at all! He probably feels like he is constantly getting attacked from both sides

  5. Betta challenge Initiate Member

    Oh thank you that helpful. I moved him to another tank now and he at the end and has an old male who doesn’t do much hopefully he fins will grow back soon thanks so much for ur advice