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Tank was fully cycled before getting him, 3.5g Enchant which I know now is small. I was doing 40-50% water changes on the tank every 3-4 days before this, I can't upgrade right now because of the lockdowns due to the virus but I hope to in the future. I've owned Ru for 3 months and only in the last 2-3 weeks have I noticed his tail getting a little ragged. It seems to me now it's probably 100% fin rot and I wish I had concluded earlier, he hasn't had anything in his tank this last 2 weeks besides-

-fishtank gravel
-ceramic betta log (sanded the semi-rough parts, all very smooth)
-2 betta leaves
-little floating plant
-baby anubias attached to betta log
-some smooth gemstones, not at all rough
-an indian almond leaf tore into a few pieces

2 weeks ago I took out some plastic plants (betta marketed plants, were soft and not sharp) seeing is he had torn himself on them but now it seems like it's probably fin rot and I feel just awful for not starting to treat this sooner. He doesn't have any black edges, he's in really bad lighting in the photo but hes got a blue rI'm on his fin on top and on his analfin (same as the light blue on his body) which make it look dark in the photo. If I'd seen black edges I would have started treatment but now I'm afraid he's too far gone, do black edges only show up occasionally when a fish has fin rot?

I've been doing daily water changes of 25-30%, dosing the new water with prime (like always) for a week now. I have seachem stressguard coming from amazon along with more indian almond leaves. I'd been dosing his tank with some steeped IAL "tea" every once in a while, up until a week ago when I ran out. I have aquarium salt, I've covered his intake filter tonight with a sponge just in case he'd been hurting himself on that but I doubt it, has it just not been long enough? Is he not helpable? he's still eating happily, am I doing something wrong? what can I do for this little man? He's my pride and joy, I can't believe how much his tails gone bad in the last 2 days I'm not sure what to do, is there anything I can do? The numbers have always been stable, 0-0-10, there's been a few times I've noticed it reach 20 in the last 3 months but I'd do a water change and it would go down (after testing 24h after water change)

I've seen him once or twice bite at his tail but I don't think this is all from fin nipping, right? He is a halfmoon dumbo, which I know now isn't a good combination and won't be supporting the practice of breeding them in the future, but for now all I want to do is save my baby, he's so sassy and silly, I'd love to have more bettas, later this year I'd been planning on getting a 20G long and splitting it with the other betta we have in the house, but right now I just need to get him to healing please. Any help is appreciated, thank you



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Your betta there has some beautiful long fins there! Its know that bettas with longer fins will cause a weight on them when swimming, which results in them fin nipping themselves. That could be an issue since you did say you saw him nip himself. To help with stress , id add more floating plants to add shade & hiding places, cut back on lighting to see if that helps. Also try getting a betta hammock (if not owned) so he can have somewhere to rest while swimming up top.

For the fin rot, water changes are best, even if you have to do it every day or other day for a couple weeks. Its great you're adding IAL and aquarium salt too. I reccomend adding Roobis tea (caffeine free) and try dosing SeaChem Paraguard. You can also try API Furan-2 . But don't mix medicine & aquarium salt if you decide to use medication, both combined will lower the oxygen levels.

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