Betta with cotton wool disease now has very deformed lips.


Currently in a quarantine tank, my betta has suffered from cotton wool disease. I treated the whole thing with Furan-2 and aquarium salts, and it seems that the holes in his fins have healed up and he started to swim around again. His lips on the other hand have become so swollen and deformed that he has a very hard time eating the food on the surface of the water. Will the situation get any better or will I have to euthanize him?



It depends. I would try feeding him small food like fluval bug bites and if he can eat those I think he’ll be able to live a good quality life :)


He can probably still eat flakes a few seconds after they've been in the tank (after they've softened a bit). Pellets for smaller fish would also likely work.


Yeah, I agree with giving him softer, smaller food. This might be a more subjective thing, but I think that if you can accommodate it and it doesn't seem to cause him stress or pain it should be fine even if it is a long-term affliction.
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