Betta with black area and lump on side

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  1. Orangina

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    Hey all,

    I've had this betta a year. She lives in an established 10 gal planted tank by herself, heated and filtered. I vacuum the gravel and do 50% water changes weekly.

    Last December I noticed she had a dark spot on her side. I posted pics to a betta forum and they all said it was just marbling. She was acting fine so I just let it go. Three months later the spot was getting larger and started spreading to her other side. I posted again asking if marbling should look like this. They said yes, that she could change colors many times before she was done. I wish I would've listened to my gut and got second opinions, but she acted fine so I let it go.

    A month ago I noticed that she was getting a lump with whitish stuff on her side where the black area is largest. She started acting poorly too, hanging near the bottom and occasionally darting around. Obviously NOT marbling. I did some googling and thought maybe it was columnaris.

    I purchased aquarium salt, added 1 tsp per gallon, and also bought API E.M. erythromycin. I followed the instructions on the box. She started perking up right away and acting normally again. The treatment period ended about 5 days ago and I put charcoal in the filter. I'm doing 50% water changes daily and testing for ammonia & nitrite because I assume the meds will kill the bio in the filter. She acts like her old self again, but I don't see any improvement to the black areas or the lump.

    I would appreciate any opinions. Thanks!

    How she looked in December 2014

    How she looked in April 2015

    How she looks currently. This was before treatment but there's been no change.
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  2. Rivieraneo

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    Hello, those look like tumors to me :( as long as they dont affect his quality of life, they should not be an issue. I'm sure our betta experts will stop by soon and comment further. Best of luck. _Fried_Bettas_
  3. _Fried_Bettas_

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    It does look like a tumor to me, unfortunately I am not aware of any successful treatments for this. You apparently had a fungus on it previously that took advantage of the unhealthy part of the betta where it attached. The color, dark spot, appears to me to be simply the natural color of the marble betta.
  4. BornThisWayBettas

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    Welcome to FIsh Lore!!! Nice to have you here! :D

    I agree with the above posters, sadly. :( But she is a very pretty little girl! Best of luck with here! :)
  5. OP

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    Thanks everyone for your input. So if I'm understanding this, the black area is a fungus and the tumor took advantage of that and grew there? Or is the black area the natural coloring? Just seems like a coincidence that the tumor would grow where the color change happened to be. I always had a bad feeling about that black spot.

    I'll keep an eye on her, and if she starts to struggle and suffer I will euthanize.
  6. Rivieraneo

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    Just natural coloring. The tumor or cyst grew in the same area. The fungus grew atop the area with natural coloring and tumor under the skin.