Betta Will Only Eat Goldfish Flakes

  1. binji Initiate Member

    guitar is like. a voracious eater. he swims up to me every time i come into the room because he thinks im going to feed him, but the thing is that he will absolutely not touch anything that isnt goldfish flakes.
    ive bought him aqueon pellets and bettamin and he will not eat either, not even the lil shrimp in bettamin and i have no clue what to do. i dont know the nutritional value or brand of the flakes because i got them from a friend and i worry about him.
    how can i make him eat the food made for him?
  2. fishgame6 Member Member

    how long have you had him
  3. FishFish221 Well Known Member Member

    Try adding a little bit of pellets with the flakes when you feed him and increase the amount.
  4. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    You really don't need to worry. Back when I was a beginner and I had Just Goldfish and Bettas, they all got goldfish flakes and the bettas lived happily for over 5 years. Betta pellets are over rated. My current Betta gets high quality tropical fish flakes and is super happy with them.
  5. binji Initiate Member

    ive had him for 2 weeks now i think, maybe 3

    thats really good to know actually! thank you
  6. fishgame6 Member Member

    to be honest just do what they said up there maybe try blood worms tho
  7. binji Initiate Member

    im trying to get him some treats but honestly theyre expensive and he hasnt taken to anything else so idk
  8. fishgame6 Member Member

    you can get something at stores its called dial a treat has blood worms daphinia and mysis all dehydrated costs 5$
  9. binji Initiate Member

    after reading the reviews on this and knowing what a picky eater he is, ill still probably just invest in a little bottle of bloodworms when i can, but thank you!
  10. KimberlyG Well Known Member Member

    I agree with goplecos, betta pellets are over rated. lol. I have a floater who can not eat them unless they are soaked. If not, I'll be doing epsom salt baths in the morning.
    I found a betta flake made my National Geographic that saves me the soaking. I think your guy would probably eat those as well. Pellets and flakes are not complete. My bettas get 2 thawed frozen blood worms once a week, 3 thawed frozen brine shrimp once a week, and they are fasted one day a week. All other days they are given 3 pellets. They are never given treats. Treats? Don't get that at all. I have seen too many fat, sick, bettas on here.
  11. binji Initiate Member

    i didnt mean treat treats, just that the bloodworms and such are more viewed as such. thank you for the advice though! ill look into the national geographic food and will try to get bloodworms asap, but i kind of rely on my mom to get me his food and such and shes kind of Done with buying him things as of right now
  12. KimberlyG Well Known Member Member

    Ahhh...I hear that. If it is only betta flakes, he will do okay. (The mix is actually better for them but we all do the best we can.) If you do have the ability to get one...get frozen blood worms that come in a sheet. You can break a little off and thaw them. (Even though I have 6 bettas, I waste a LOT of bloodworms with the frozen cubes. I've gone to sheets.)