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It looks like there are a few people around who I recognize amongst all the new faces! It's great to see this board is still flourishing.

I just wanted to stop by and say hello, since I haven't posted in months. We moved from TX to FL in September and things have just been really busy. My boys all came through the move very well, though I'm sure it was stressful to be back in their cups for about 24 hours. The only fish we lost was our 6 line wrasse from the reef tank, he died a couple days later, which was very sad.


Cujo is my first betta that you all helped me so much with when he came down with finrot soon after I bought him. That was back in February, I can't believe it's been close to a year! He STILL has finrot - it's just who he is, he never got over it and I don't think he ever will. I stopped all medications about 2 months ago since there didn't really seem to be a point in continuing them. And he is just as happy as a little fish can be, bad tail day or not. It took me a long time to be able to just stop interfering with him and let him be, and now that I have he seems to be just fine with clean water and love.

Romeo is my second little man that I got when you all tricked me into MTS. He moved into his 6 gallon Eclipse after we moved and it cycled in about a month with some filter material from another tank. I was going to cycle that one with ammonia, and went through the hassle of visiting every store in town to find some, and then I just cycled the tank with him in it instead. As soon as he moved into his big tank he shredded his tail overnight playing in a decoration that I didn't check the inside thoroughly enough. I removed it the next day and his tail is almost completely healed from that adventure and he is just as sassy as ever. He'll get his newly sanded decoration back in a couple days. He hasn't had any sign of fin rot in several months.

Jett is my final MTS betta. He's my flashy black/copper/red crown tail that I lucked out finding him at Petco. He has been the best of the bunch, I have never had any problems with him and he is just so gorgeous. His hex 5 gallon stayed cycled during the trip and I was so happy! I just kept the bio-wheel submerged below his cave in his water and put it back together asap when we got here. He never seems to get tired of exploring and he is simply magnificent to watch when he stretches out those gorgeous fins.

So that is the update on my boys. Attached is a bubble nest that Cujo blew the other day to remind me to come here and post! I hope everyone is doing well, and remembers to take time from this busy season to just sit and chat with your bettas!
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HI Jendayi, good to hear from you. Hope the move went well. Sorry to hear about your wrasse but glad all the Bettas are doing well.
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You have some very pretty boys there.
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Great to hear from you! Glad to hear the update on your Betta boys - how are you all liking Florida?
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HI Jendayi, good to hear from you. Hope the move went well. Sorry to hear about your wrasse but glad all the Bettas are doing well.

Thank you... We were pretty bummed to lose him because he has so much personality. The tank is a little sad without him.

The move was rushed and hectic because I was so worried about moving our 6 tanks. I hope to never have to do that again! Well, moving is just hard in general without worring about your fishies, too.

You have some very pretty boys there.

Thanks! I think they are handsome! Even poor little Cujo with his short, raggedy tail, lol... I was in a LFS the other day drooling over a red boy who looked so much like yours. But I resisted somehow, even tho I have an empty tank at the moment!

Great to hear from you! Glad to hear the update on your Betta boys - how are you all liking Florida?

Florida is ok, as long as you like 80 degree weather in December. :;sman This is actually where I'm from, Texas was only an experiment that lasted about a year.
LZ Floyd
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Hey Jendayi, good to see your post and to hear Cujo and the others are doing well. Watch that fin rot, though; I believe it's what took Gainesborough out. With him it was the same thing - tail grow, tail fall off. And, we, too, stopped medicating him after several months of dosing his tank. But, despite keeping him in tropically-warm water, giving him routine water changes and feeding him good stuff, he eventually started to reject his bloodworms at night, and it was all downhill for him from that point.

I've read elsewhere that some fin rot cases can have a fungus base. CoBetta has seemingly had luck attacking their fin rot cases with what I believe to be a two-pronged attack: antibiotic and antifungus. Could be Cujo has something similar. One photo I saw of a fungus-based case showed the end of the fins having a balled-up look, and that, I'm assuming, is where the disease called home. Can't recall where I saw that info to pass along the link, though. Sorry.

Good luck with the brood, and I hope you like your stay in FL. FL-living beats MA-living, even in its best days! -Mike
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hI Jendayi, I remember your posts and pics well, drove me deeper into mts with bettas!!

Good to hear your boys are good!! are you going to stay back on here?

I have had luck with Seachem Paraguard with my guppies finrot, I mailed Seachem to ask if it would be Labyrinth/betta safe and they said yes, they had no reported ill effects. It doesn't seem to be as harsh as some finrot meds.
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Welcome back! You were missed
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Thanks for the update on your boys........that Jett is very beautiful, as they all are. Sorry that you are still plagued by tail sure is a pain in the butt.

The move would definetly have been major upheaval, and I hope you also are finding time to sit and enjoy.

Again, welcome back to the forum!

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Thank you for taking the time out of your season to come and visit with us. You are always welcome and we hope you will be back more frequently now. It is so good to hear from you and I am so happy that the boys are doing well.

Please keep us informed on what is going on at your home with the boys and you and let us know how the new home is treating you and them. I am still amazed that the Bio-wheel in the the hex5 stayed cycled during the move. That has got to be a record!

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We know the feeling.. our move from Florida to Colorado was quite an adventure when we had to come up with a last second plan for moving the fish just hours before leaving Florida thanks to the usps refusing to overnight our fish.

I keep ending up back in Florida myself. I guess 80s in December seems normal to me, but here I am with it freezing & snowing outside.

The move was rushed and hectic because I was so worried about moving our 6 tanks. I hope to never have to do that again! Well, moving is just hard in general without worring about your fishies, too.
Florida is ok, as long as you like 80 degree weather in December. :;sman This is actually where I'm from, Texas was only an experiment that lasted about a year.
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HI Jendayi!! It's so good to hear from you. I'm glad that everyone is doing well and the move was successful.I still have RJ and Pebbles. They are doing great. In fact out of the 9 mo. that I have had Rj he had built his first bubble nest sometime yesterday. I noticed it last night. It nearly broke my heart because I was going to destroy it by cleaning his tank. I felt like such a bad Betta mommy. He was so protective of it too. He kept swimming over to it making sure it was still intact and here I was having to destroy it. I felt horrible. I figured out that he's going to be 1 yr old sometime in January.

We are in the process of trying to sell our condo. We have a buyer, but she is having complications and so now the sale is in limbo and we may not sell at all if she can't do it.

Anyway, it was good to hear from you and we hope that you can stick around now and keep usposted on your boys and yourself. Take care. natalie
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HI everyone I thought I'd drop a line on my little betta clan

Right now they're all slightly annoyed with me since they're alone in the apartment 6 days a week.
We'll start with the Girls: Babie is loving her 20 gal and getting on nicely with her Cory's. She's so big! I think that she has got to be the biggest fish-baby I own, she's beating all the boys (except maybe Tank) and I think that she's even giving Red a run for his money. Mama is ruling all she survey's from atop my desk in my room still in her 3 gal, ferocious as ever. Ruby (I know that I must have introduced her on here) is the little red female I picked up a few months ago and is now happily sharing a divided 10 gal in my living room with Max.
And now onto the Boys: Coolie is lord of my kitchen right now and he is really enjoying his newly redone tank (algae free!). My living-room is a tetestrone-fest. Nighthawk is feeling a little negleted right now, I need to redo is tank. Since conqouring the evil string algae in Coolie's tank the war front has moved onto his 5 and the divided 10 gal. Max is the dark blue VT sharing a tank with Ruby and he seems to enjoy chasing her up and down the divider. Ember got a new filter in his 5 gal and I need to tinker with-it a bit more since he seems to be pouting about it but otherwise he's doing well. Tank my big beautiful man has a new palace. He's in Patch's 5 gal and it's been completely redone with live-plants the same as Coolie's. He is my experiment tank since I borrowed his filter. So far weekly water tests show the water quality to be spot-less. I just need to fix the lighting issue. Patch is in the 2.5 Gal now and isn't doing so well it seems, I'm debating whether I should bring him home to the farm to give him some extra TLC to try and bring him out of it.

Now for the Good News and the Bad News:
The Good News is that I've got two new gorgeous boys who followed me home 2 weeks ago (shame on me for not introducing them sooner) they're both CT's and I could leave them for very different reasons. First is "E" of who the picture I have doesn't do justice. He simmers and shines like a green crystal. He is also my tough man, and has sworn to scar off his reflection or else. Next is Wraith and the technical name for his coloring I've forgotten. He's "petstore" black with red red fins that fade out to almost cobwebs. I haven't had a chance to spend some good bonding time with him but I think that he'll be a real sweetie.

And now the bad news...
Mer passed away. I don't know when, I don't know how or why. The fish aliens came and carried away his body. When I came back for my weekly visit he'd moved onto the big fish house in the sky. :'( I know that he knew he was loved and that he had a good life for the short time that I had him.

wow... that's a downer to end this post on so instead I'm going to wish everyone the best summer ever and hope that you all are doing well.

Now onto pictures!
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Mer (RIP),

I'm gonna miss him...


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Coolie and Tank in they're gorgeous new homes.

1) Tanks new home
2) Coolie
3) Coolie's tank
4) side view of Tank's tank


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nice tanks
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You have some very pretty betta and betta homes there
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E and Wraith

Where Wraith's tank is ATM he's hard to take pics of so here's the best one I have of him. E's tank was redone last week and he looks a lot better as well so I'll have to give an update on these two but anyway here they are.

E is up first

P.S. E stands for electrisity ()


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Oh my goodness your new boys are gorgeous!
I'm so sorry you lost Mer He was a beautiful boy. I know it's so hard to lose them.
And tell Coolie that he's still my favorite! I love that boy
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HI Red good to see you and hear about all your beautiful bettas.

I'm really sorry to hear about Mer, he was beautiful. Now he's swimming free with our beloved betta babies who went before him.
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Thanks everyone I'll pass the praise for the boys onto their oversized egos
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Great pics and so sorry you lost little Mer
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Beautiful Betta kids and very nice tanks...So sorry for your loss....
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Beautiful bettas!! Sorry you lost Mer.

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