Betta troubles

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    Fatecallsuponus Initiate Member

    I know this is definitely a repeated question, but I've got a constipated betta
    The problem with this is that my fish is active and hungry, even though his stomach is swollen and swim bladder is swollen. At first I fasted him for three days then fed him a pea. That day, a few hours later, I flared him and he pooped a bit. Half of the poop was white while the rest was brown. The next day I flared him again and he pooped what appeared to be the pea. Few hours later and he's still bloated. Right now I'm fasting him again, second day now, but I'm not quite sure my next course of action. Epsom salt bath? Internal parasite medicine?

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  2. Claire Bear

    Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Hi and welcome.
    What size tank is this guy in and what are the perimeters?
    It also would help others if you were to post a picture-might see what is going on.
    I would also make sure that the water is fresh-increase water changes could help.
    Good luck and welcome! :)
  3. OP

    Fatecallsuponus Initiate Member

    Okay, sure. Well, Bill's in a 5 Gallon with five black neon tetras and an apple snail. After some help on the forums I found out that I was overstocked, and I've been changing the water 25-45% every other day to keep the levels down until I can get my new 35 gallon set up and move the tetras into that.
    This is him right here. The poor baby is in rough shape The fin rot I've been dealing with for a while and It's just beginning to go away, I'm waiting for signs of regrowth. You can see the little bulge by his belly, and maybe the little bump of his swim bladder. Ammonia levels are hard to tell because of the tannins in the water, but my test does turn a bit more yellow. my nitrite is under .1, along with my nitrate. The temperature is 76 degrees. I have a heater and a filter, And I put aquarium salt and conditioner in new water.