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  1. Constantinos_S Initiate Member

    Hello to everyone! I'm new to the forum and it has been almost more than 6 months I set up my two 4.8 gallon betta tanks. So far things have been going smoothly, learning new things everyday. Yesterday out of curiosity I grabbed a flashlight to check how things are in my oldest tank. To my surprise I saw a few tiny little things moving in a weird manner on the glass of the aquarium. This video is not mine as they are too quick to capture. Are they dangerous for my betta and my ecosystem in general? Is there a way to remove them if they are dangerous? Thanks in advance!

    I forgot to mention that their number in my tank is way way less than this video's. Still they kinda made me panic. Here's a photo of my tank too. IMG-39fd70d9c5a779954e0afcc4a3df0e86-V.jpg

    Anyone help?
  2. PAND3MIC Member Member

    To my knowledge, most copepods are just simple filter-feeding organisms. They shouldn't affect the fish, they are commonly found in freshwater ecosystems. They aren't parasitic or anything. The Betta is probably much scarier to the copepods, many small predators eat them.

    I don't exactly know how to get rid of them though, other than putting a creature that would actively eat them in your tank. I'm not positive what kind of fish would be able to fit, get along with the Betta, and eat copious amounts of copepods though. Possibly a small loach species or a micro predator similar in nature to a Scarlet Badis.
  3. Constantinos_S Initiate Member

    Thank you so much for the reply. I think they are way to small for my betta to even notice them. They might have been there for quite sometime before I even noticed them last night. I'm just curious how they found their way into my tank...Through plants? Will water changes and vacuuming the gravel reduce their number?
  4. PAND3MIC Member Member

    They can hitch rides on plants, fish, and even just water from the fish store. Water changes and tank cleaning could help, but I feel like it is a problem similar in nature to snails as in they can be kept up with, but not necessarily eradicated. I don't know of any chemicals to help. You could also try upgrading your filter. I also know that guppies eat copepods
  5. Pastel.Fish. Member Member

    Water changes and vacuuming will help for sure, my betta had copepods in his tank once and now they rarely show up. Bettas can be with any fish (except males can`t live with with other betta fish) depending on their temper. I personally would recommend that you get a snail or two since bettas are fine with them and they eat the copepods! Hope this helps! :)
  6. Constantinos_S Initiate Member

    Hmmm, I think in my case plants did it for me. It has been more than two months that I have upgraded my internal filter to a HOB one. In the past I tried introducing a small otocynclus in my tank but the betta didnt take it so well and they were chasing each other constantly so I had to return it to the pet shop. :) I think I have spoiled him and he wants the entire tank to himself. He's sometimes flaring to his own reflection..

    Thanks so much for the help! I really appreciate it! Three months ago I put 2 ramshorn snails and they both died one week apart from each other. I never found out why since my water readings were fine with no nitrates as well since I have too many plants and only one fish. The filter is set to the minimum so the current is very low and in some parts of the surface pretty much stagnant. Could this be the cause, What kind of snails would you recommend?
  7. Pastel.Fish. Member Member

    It may but I recommend nerite snails, I have one in two of my betta tanks and they work very well, I`ve had one actually for a year now and it`s doing fine! I have also had a mystery snail (still alive and good at cleaning) and I had a very great black racer snail that was in the tank and worked well! However I do like zebra snails I`ve had bad luck with them because the store I bought them from didn`t keep them healthy so they only lasted two weeks, they worked well though so you could try them out it probably was just my store! I hope this also helps! :)
  8. Constantinos_S Initiate Member

    Those copepods I saw last night were really fast! Will the snail be able to catch up and eat some?
  9. Pastel.Fish. Member Member

    They should, my snails are very fast and can get across my five gallon in about one or two minutes when they`re determined but when they`re busy they take it slow. Most aquatic snails will be able to chase them down and eat them! :)
  10. Constantinos_S Initiate Member

    Thanks so much! I'm going to give it another shot with two zebra snails. I really appreciate the help! :)
  11. Pastel.Fish. Member Member

    No problem and I hope it all goes well! :D
  12. Constantinos_S Initiate Member

    Today was my weekly water change and after 7 months since I set up my betta aquarium I deep vacuum cleaned my substrate. I could not believe all the detritus it sucked! :meh: The only places I didnt touch were around the roots of my plants. No wonder why coppepods and very tiny worm like creatures were having a feast. Hopefully everything goes well.