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    I got a 13 gallon widescreen for my betta and used sand as his substrate. I know you don't stick the hose directly into the sand. But I'm not entirely sure how to clean his tank properly. 816bf9b92f93754dc462676df4516b9d.jpg
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    Hello! Cleaning sand is fairly easy. You can use YouTube if you still don't understand but, use a siphon as usual and don't plunge fully into the sand. Lightly push the siphon into the sand. When the sand is circling through the siphon be sure not to siphon it out just lift up the siphons and the sand should fall from the siphon. Sorry if that's complicated :joyful:
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    You will see the waste on top of the sand. Just hover over it and swish lightly, and the waste will kick up into the nozzle. The hose really doesn't ever need to go into the sand at all.
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    I had to buy a smaller siphon head/hose because the bigger one I use on my 55 gallon was too strong. I don't touch the sand at all or else I get a lot sucked out. I just gently skim the surface and the debris and matter are lifted up off sand and cleaned away. If you put siphon head into the sand your will get a lot of sand sucked out (not great).
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    Thanks everybody I'll give it another shot

    Yeah I see all the poop lol