Betta tank with marbles ok?

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Is it okay to use flat marbles at the bottom of my 1 gallon Betta tank? Some people suggest gravel, others say sand, and some say marbles are the best. He also has a soft plastic plant, is it possible he is scratching his fins on it?
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Marbles are great for the bottom of a betta tank. As long as the plant is soft and doesn't have any sharp edges it shouldn't scratch your bettas fins. However, I must say that 1 gallon is way to small for a betta to live happily. They need room to swim around and one gallon is not nearly enough room. 5 gallons is preferred with 2.5 gallons being the minimum.
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2 1/2 gallons is considered the bare minimum tank size for a Betta, a 5 gallon would be much better. Betta's require a water temperature of about 80 degrees F (so you really need a heater) and filtration.

Wal-Mart sells 5 Gallon bow fronts with a light and filter for about $35 or so. I don't want to spend your money for you, but if you are serious about raising/rescueing your betta, it would be a good investment.

But to answer your question, yes the flat glass marbles should be fine. I think they may even be the prefered substrate for betta's.

Also, do you know about the Nitrogen Cycle and testing your water? If not you can read up about on this web site. If you didn't cycle your tank, you are going to need to do 50% water changes daily until it does cycle.

EDIT: When I started typing MissMTS 's post wasn't posted yet, so sorry for the duplicate info
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Just thought I would include a picture of my little trouble maker in his home.
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Just left Wal Mart - they have a 5 gal hex complete set up (no heater) for $29.97.
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Nice looking fish! It's really sad that you just can't put them together. It sure would be neat to have a tank full of those guys.
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to live long term he'll need a filter and heater. He's a tropical fish, and used to water around 80 degrees.
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Those marbles are what we use in our Betta tanks. I recommend silk plants for them, particularly ones that have broad leaves. They enjoy lying on those big leaves.

They do best in a tank with a heater and filter and you will see more of their character as they have more room and 'toys'. They love being talked to, feed and entertained by the things in their tank.
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I knew I needed to get the guy a new home and I wasn't sure I had the money for it but after everyone's suggestions I got inspired and figured I had to do it. Plus after I found a scratch on his scales, I needed to replace his plastic plants with fabric ones. So here are some pictures of the new tank. I still want to get some more plants for him but I think he loves it. He is having a great time swimming and hiding through the big leaves and the cave.
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He looks so happy exploring his new home. Is that a bookshelf tank?
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Yeah, that's the PETCO 6.6 gallon bookshelf tank. It's about $50 but it comes with a filter, a light, the cave, and even some plastic plants that I didn't use.
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Nice set up. I like the black rock. Gives a great contrast to the betta!!
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Yeah, that's the PETCO 6.6 gallon bookshelf tank. It's about $50 but it comes with a filter, a light, the cave, and even some plastic plants that I didn't use.

Love it!!! Any betta would be proud to call it home.
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oh my goodness!! ur bettas home is almost identical to mine!! lol.. same tank, same gravel, same my fishee love me do loves his home and so will yours! good call on the bigger home
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Oh, I forgot it comes with a background...actually two since it's reversible. I was pretty excited to find the plants, cave, and background in the box since it didn't even say that stuff was included. Here is a new pic with one of the backgrounds.
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its looking real good.. yeah I was really excited to see that stuff came with it. Fishee loves the cave I put little purple stone accents in my tank. ill have to show u a pic. I'm on vacation all this week so ill try and get some up. good luck with ur fish..did u name it?? I might have missed that part
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Yep, his name is Bubble...and sometimes I think he knows it
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awwww..Bubble is a great name!! keep us posted on his progress. you'll find they are lots of fun.
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Bubble is a really cute name! He looks really happy! I think the tank would look better with a plain background, because the background you have now distracts you from the really cool aquascape. I think some small felt plants would be nice for him so his home is more dimensional - more places to play!
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I love watching Bettas in a new, bigger home. They just are so happy and curious.
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Great set up for your Bubble He looks to be very Happy

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