Betta Tank - What Do You Recommend?

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My Betta was in a 37 gallon community tank and is currently healing in the 5 Gallon QT. He is doing well. Once he is healthy again, I am thinking to get him a tank on his own. Some 10-15 gallon? Excellent filtration. Maybe with 1or 2 tank mates to watch? Question is: what do you recommend and why? Price doesn't matter as long as it is a perfect Betta tank.
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HI and welcome to fishlore!!
A five gallon would be a perfect home for a betta. However, lager has benefits because of water dilution. This way, if Something were to go amiss in your tank, you would have more water volume today would it out. In terms of tank mates, I tend to gravitate towards snails and shrimps as being the best tank mates for bettas. (You could do snails or shrimp with him in even a five gallon) The actual tank doesn’t seem to matter. Aqueon makes good tanks typically. Also, I should mention that if you want to divide a ten gallon and house two bettas, it’s possible. Here’s what my tank looks like... normally the second compartment is planted and has more decor, but it’s in my fry tank as I have a guppy mama on my hands.


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I tend to go on the larger size for tanks. My daughter has a male in a 20 gallon with just pest snails. Its simple, relaxing to watch and mantainance is very low. It has some floating plants and a bubbler in the gravel for what ever little bit of cycle it has. She changes 5 gallons every 2 weeks or so. Hood is 2 pieces of glass and the light is off an old hood.
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Even a 5 or 10 gallon with lots of plants is super low maintenance with just 1 betta and keeps them incredibly happy.
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Personally, I find 10 gallons is ideal. Make sure to have lots of plants for the Betta to rest on, especially anubias and moss (mine likes to lay on the leaves and in the moss). Other plants are fun for them to hide in and explore.
Make sure any decor you have doesn’t have sharp edges, so no driftwood with ends that could catch his fins. Also nothing he could accidentally get stuck inside of.
It might be worth it to put a prefilter sponge on the filter intake, to baffle the flow. This will reduce the filter’s output slightly, making the current less. Too much current makes it a little difficult for bettas, especially long finned ones, to swim.
As for tank mates, I agree on snails and shrimp, but with a a few caveats. Make sure your Betta will behave nicely towards any snail friends. Some bettas are known to nip mystery snail’s antennae. Mystery snails are lovely and fun to watch, and make great tankmates, but it’s important that they aren’t terrorized by their Betta buddy. If your Betta is a little nippy, nerites are another good option. They’re pretty, clean algae off tank walls well, and don’t have much of their soft body parts exposed to be nipped at.
Shrimp are hit or miss with bettas. Some bettas will leave them alone, whereas others will hunt them down for a snack. Generally, the adult shrimp are not eaten, though they can be. It’s usually the babies who get turned into Betta chow. If you provide lots of plant cover and room for the shrimp to hide (moss is excellent for baby shrimp!), then you’ll have some shrimplets survive to adulthood even if your Betta likes to eat them. I’d recommend red cherry shrimp, as they’re pretty, not difficult to care for, and reproduce well.
Hope this helps!
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Thank you all for the responses.
I was at Big Al's today and liked the Fluval Flex 15 Gallon tank. Plants will come from my other tank.
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With a 15 gallon you can definitely give him some tank mates.
My bettas all live with Endlers / wild guppies and they get on very well.
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The MarineLand Portrait 5 gal is perfect for a betta. It has hidden filtration and comes with basically everything you need. I put a bit of sponge to lower the flow and have a bubbler that keeps the water moving. Such a great looking tank that my bettas have taken off in. I have another in a 10 gal aqueon that is good but not as visually pleasing. The driftwood has never been a problem with fin tears as long as you position it in a way that the sharper bits aren't accessible.
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My betta Tones has never messed with shrimp or bigger snails. He tried to eat a pest snail once though. I wouldn't put any other active swimmer fish with a betta until you know the personality of that particular angry boi
Frozen One
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I can say one thing, if you buy a 10 G tank, the Aquaclear HOB filters are wonderful.

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