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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by BottomDweller, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    Hi guys!

    So tomorrow I'm picking up my new betta! Yay! I've never owned a betta before so I'm looking for some tips.

    Tank Details
    20 Litres/ about 5.3 gallons
    White gravel substrate but this will hopefully be changed to white sand in the future.

    No live plants yet but when I get a decent light I will plant it. There is lots of salvinia though.

    Filter is 300 litres per hour but it has a spray bar that is pointed at the side of the tank so there isn't too much flow. If it turns out there is too much flow I have a spare filter with a lower flow I can put on.

    His tankmates will be 1 nerite snail, 2 pest snails, 1 rabbit snail and 4 amano shrimp (once it's planted) if he gets along with them.

    What sort of decorations and toys do your bettas like? So far in the tank there is a terracotta pot, 2 fake plants, driftwood and lots of salvinia.

    I plan to feed him micro pellets, tubifex, frozen bloodworms and frozen daphnia mostly along with some vegetables once a week.

    I think he's a white delta tail or spade tail but his fins are pretty ripped.

    Any advice or tips? Anything I need to know?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. peppy210 Valued Member Member

    One of my bettas really like the betta hammock leaf thing, but that could be a hit or miss. Some bettas might not use it at all.
    I realized that the bettas with larger fins tend to use it more, so yours might if you want to get it, but it might look off if you're concerned about aquascaping and making the tank look good. (Also be careful because certain ones have a metal wire sticking out of the leaf and can rust)
    I feel like once the tank gets more planted, you wouldn't really need more decorations.
    Also for the filter, you can always baffle it and cover the intake if you would like.
    I don't know much about snails, so I'm not going to talk about stocking. If you heavily plant, the shrimp are probably going to be okay.
    I don't really have much going on in my tanks either because I had to distribute my plants and decor from 2 fish tanks into 3 now. I'm going to get more soon.
    You seem to know what you're doing and it seems you're on the right track.

  3. BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    I'll try a betta hammock. In the shop he had reasonably large fins but was pretty active.

  4. Christinadina Valued Member Member

    congratulations on getting your first betta, @BottomDweller !!

    i never knew that (at least some) bettas like caves, but Barack Obama loves going inside the "head" of this E.T. looking decoration. i also found him coming out of the little cave thing at the bottom of the tank. often when i can't find him, it turns out he's sleeping in his loft space.

    i also bought a bundle of duckweed. before i baffled my filter it was spinning around all over the surface like a bunch of crazed ice skaters! so i took the lid from the betta cup, cut out the center and hooked the ring around the cord from the heater. then i took all the duckweed and put it inside the ring. it created an area of cover that BO likes to hang out in. he snuggles up into the plants sometimes, or just swims over there. you can kind of see it in the upper-left corner. it's not the best looking decoration but he seems to really love it.

    have fun getting your new tank ready!

    tank 3 front copy to post.jpg

  5. peppy210 Valued Member Member

    That betta cup lid ring is really cool and a really good idea! From what I've heard, duckweed is really annoying most of the time, but this is a nice way to keep it under control

  6. Christinadina Valued Member Member

    thanks, peppy! i was looking to buy more and the fish store guy said they don't carry it because it's considered a pest plant because supposedly it grows out of control. i can see that being an issue with ponds or bigger tanks, but seriously, in a tank this small, where's it going to go? it floats, so if there's too much, you can just pluck it out.
  7. BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    Thanks Christinadina!

    Hopefully my betta will use the pot as a cave. I have some duckweed in another tank I may try your idea. Is the plastic not sharp after you cut it?

    Thanks for the idea!
  8. Christinadina Valued Member Member

    i was thinking about that too... the first cut through the edge of the ring seemed like it *might* feel sharp, so i overlapped the ends and turned that part toward the back. if i'd been less impatient, i probably could have cut the ring without a break (by poking a hole into the lid to start the cut). edit to add: just be sure to trim the edges neatly when cutting the ring.

  9. MaddieTaylah Well Known Member Member

    I have frogbit in my betta tank which my betta seems to enjoy hiding under. My betta doesn't use the betta hammock, however since mine is a female her fins are not as long as the males would be, so perhaps she doesn't feel the need to rest quite as much. She also loves the cave I have in there for her.
  10. Aster Well Known Member Member

    How exciting! Pics when you get him :)

    Amano shrimp may be iffy, mine tolerates them but yours may or may not. Only time will tell. Snails should be fine.

    My betta really likes hiding spots and tight spaces, maybe he's just weird but his favorite place is a hole underneath the driftwood. Heavily planted is good.


  11. BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    @MaddieTaylah I really like frogbit, I hope to get some for my 63 gallon. I might throw some n the betta tank.

    @Aster I'm only going to be adding shrimp once it's well planted. Yours is so cute!
  12. KimberlyG Fishlore VIP Member

    Sounds like you are good to go! I didn't see if you had a sponge prefilter on the intake. I had to add one to all my betta tanks except the plakat. It's a must for saving their fins. lol
  13. MaddieTaylah Well Known Member Member

    How cute!
  14. BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    Ok thanks. I don't have one, how do I make one?
    My sponge filter is currently being used on the goldfish fry tank. Once the fry are big enough for a normal filter the betta can have a sponge filter if he needs it.
  15. MaddieTaylah Well Known Member Member

    I did initially have problems keeping the frogbit in the betta tank as the water flow was constantly pushing the frogbit down into the water and so some of it died. I fixed the issue by stuffing the intake with filter floss in order to slow down the flow, hopefully you won't have the same issue.
  16. KimberlyG Fishlore VIP Member

    I just use the fluval edge prefilters I find in the stores here, about $3 each US. I'm sure you could just make one yourself. You would basically just be wrapping foam around the intake and securing with fishing line or whatever.
  17. Little Tank of Happiness Well Known Member Member

    Yay! You sound all set!

    Are you going to name him? Anything you're thinking in particular? ;)
  18. dcutl002 Well Known Member Member

    I find that Bettas like to lounge in plant Foliage...Like Cabomba, Water Sprite, etc.
  19. BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    I hope so!

    Yeah I'm thinking panda or something panda related as he's mostly white with some black.

    Great I hope he enjoys the plants!
  20. Little Tank of Happiness Well Known Member Member

    That would be cool! To name my panda cories, I looked up famous names of pandas around the world. My males were named Chi Chi and Ling Ling.