Betta Tank Mates?

madelyn anne

So I just got a new Betta today, named Ferguson.
I love him, he's SO beautiful and so sweet.

He's in a Fluval Spec V (5 g) tank all to himself.

I'd like to add a tank mate or two of some kind, though.

I was thinking perhaps an ADF, but I'd love to have an actual fish of some kind. Perhaps even a sort of Cory?

Temperament wise; my Betta seems pretty chill, although he DOES see his reflection in the tank and flare quite a bit.

Cardinal Tetras? Balloon Mollys? I love both of those, but not sure if they'd be suitable.

Thank you for any input



None of those would work. Snails or shrimp would be your best bet.


the tank is too small for anyother fish. although it would work well with shrimp and/or snails

CxN Griffin

Glad to hear you're enjoying your new betta! I too am in the process of getting tank mates for my betta. I'm planning on getting a small school of harlequin rasboras for my 10 gal. Harlequins (from what I have read) seem to be great tank mates for bettas because they are fast enough to get out of the betta's way and they aren't known to nip.

However in your situation, I might consider only doing a snail or two as a tank mates for a 5 gallon. I think 5 gallons isn't enough space to add other fish.


Some Bettas won't stand for tank mates of any kind, but most don't mind shrimp or snails. A 5 gallon is kind of small for other fish with a betta.


In a 5 gallon tank usually only shrimp and snails with a betta. A 10 gallon isn't much easier to add other fish with a betta. Once you get to 20+ gallons you start getting a lot more options.

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