Betta Tank Mates 30cm Cube Aquarium Heavily Planted Question

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by newbettaboy12345, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. newbettaboy12345 Valued Member Member

    Hi! So i was wondering what i could put in with my betta. This question is purely about stocking, over populating and is entirely theoretical. I have had my betta for 2 months or so and isnt too aggressive. I was wondering what i could put in with him and wouldnt overstock the tank. Thanks!

  2. david1978 Fishlore Legend Member

    27 liters or 7 gallon. So unfortunately the only thing recommended is shrimp or snails.
  3. newbettaboy12345 Valued Member Member

    What about in a 35cm cube ?
  4. newbettaboy12345 Valued Member Member

    Could i put any nano fish in a 35 with the betta ? Neons, pygmy cory, etc ?
  5. imba Well Known Member Member

    35cm cube would make a good home for a betta. Would still suggest shrimps or snails as potential tank mates. It is still not enough room for other fishes.

    Betta communities are certainly doable, but it's better done in 20g tanks or larger.
  6. newbettaboy12345 Valued Member Member

    How planted would it have to be to keep the shrimp from being eaten hahaha