Betta Tank Issue


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I have 4 bettas in a 40-gallon tank, they seem to be fine, not much aggression all the fins are fine, I have 1 male and 3 females, this tank is in my bedroom unlike the other tanks, so the problem is, when I bought the fish they seemed fine, soon I realized one of the fish I bought have a cotton-like substance on its back, which I believe is fungus, ANd my male betta keeps lying on the ground, it appears that he doesn't have a problem swimming thou, it almost feels like he's just really lazy, but I have seen him lay down several times , once when I checked he was laying on the filter nearly out of water, I went and checked and he splashed me as he swam away, he appears to swim well but struggles from time to time, they do accept food, which I feed them pellets, so if anyone has thoughts on this and know how I should treat it please help me out,


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Pics will help the disease experts out ( i'm not one of them ). Just a wild uneducated guess. Have you searched saddleback? Just going by what your saying about the white on its back.

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