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Hello, everyone! One of my Betta tanks just sprang a leak. And I have a few questions regarding the procedure I’m using.

First, of all the details (I have 10 tanks, so my aquarium details page won’t accomidate them all. Haha!): Crowntail Betta <1 year old. 5 gallon tank, heated, filtered, cycled (0 ammonia; 0 nitrites, <10 nitrates, 7.5 ph) weekly (occasionally bi-weekly water changes) all of that good stuff.

Okay, so as the title says, his tank sprang a leak tonight. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue, as I keep an empty hospital tank running. However, the hospital tank is currently inhabited by a Betta I rescued this week from a cup with atrocious conditions. (Coincidentally, I was heading to town tomorrow morning to pick up the new betta a 5 gallon upgrade to begin cycling. So, after this incident, I’m in the market for two. Haha!)

So, I siphoned out some of the tank water from the leaking tank into one of the 3 qt buckets I use for water changes. (Normally, I would have had fresh, emergency water in this, but I had just used it to perform a water change on a different tank. However, I gave him a 40% water change yesterday, so his tank water should be fairly fresh.) I netted him, and put him into the 3 qt bucket. Also added a drop of Prime for good measure. (Trying to attach a picture, but my phone isn’t complying.)

The tank leak doesn’t seem to be major, as his water level doesn’t look to have changed hardly at all, but I didn’t want to risk the leak becoming bigger, and turning into an urgent, quick-draining emergency with him in it. (The leak seems to be coming from the underside.) I’m also leaving his empty tank running so the bacteria doesn’t lose oxygen, given the leak seems to be a very slow one. (Again, I doubt it would begin to leak too fast, but I didn’t want to risk waking up to a dead fish in a waterless tank.)

Okay, I have two questions, here:

1. Will he likely okay in about 2 qts of water until I’m able to get to town in the morning? (The nights have been very warm here lately, but I set the house thermostat to just 76 to be on the safe side. I’m unsure about adding the heater to such a small bucket.) The longest he will be in it is 16 hours max. I’ve also prepared a bit of fresh water to add to the bucket in the morning.

2. When I transfer him to his new tank, will it have a good chance of maintaining the cycle? (Every single bit of media and gravel will be transferred. And I will also perform more frequent water tests to ensure all is well until I’m positive the cycle is stable.) Are there any additional steps I should take when doing this?

Sorry if I seem a bit overobsessive with the details, here! Haha! I’m very anal about the well-being of all my betta fish. And wanted to ensure I was taking the right steps in this situation. Not to mention, I’ve had the little guy since November of last year; I’ve grown very attached to him!

Thanks in advance, everyone! (And I’d also like to thank the FishLore community for teaching me the ropes and helping me to have a VERY successful first year in fish keeping! Just celebrated my one year anniversary with my first Betta this past week!)


Yes he should be fine in the bucket until the morning. When you transfer the media it should be ok but make sure you are testing the water daily


Yes I agree, especially with a 40% water change he will be totally fine. It's a good idea to keep the media in the bucket with him in order to keep it wet. Lol, the way you're going on I bet your fish are very well kept and looked after, I see no problems with the care or conditions. Sorry it sprang a leak, I can't imagine how frightening that was. Since the cycle is all basically held in the media, transferring the media will transfer the cycle.
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Okee dokee! Thank you so much for the input, everyone! I really appreciate it!

He’s doing just fine this morning, thankfully! His tank doesn’t look to have leaked very much overnight, so his media has remained submerged. (Hopefully I’ll be able to find and repair the leak later, then I’ll be able to use it as a second hospital tank!)

Thanks once again, for the concern and responses!

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