Betta tales!

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    Afternoon, everyone! Now that we have a higher powered camera, we're able to get some good pictures of our watery goobers.

    _DSC0009_WM_SM.jpg _DSC0011_WM_SM.jpg
    This boy is my husband's, and was our first Betta. He started out in a 5 gallon, but was soon upgraded to a 10 gallon. He's grumpy as can be, and doesn't like the camera.

    _DSC0029_WM_SM.jpg _DSC0032_WM_SM.jpg
    A month or two later, we got this guy. Don't let his beautiful tail fool you; at one point, he had lost all of it. He somehow managed to get himself up into his filter, and then wedged between the cartridge and filter wall. We still have NO idea how he managed this. I woke up to an empty tank, thinking that he'd jumped out, but he was nowhere to be seen. It was my hubby who checked the filter. Lo and behold, there he was. He looked like a little arrowhead for a good two weeks at least; all but his pectoral fins were gone. Once he recovered, we got him a 10 gallon, too. He's the daintiest of our boys, and gets the most excited over feeding time, literally jumping up to nip our fingers as we give him his pellets.

    DSC_0011_WM_SM.jpg DSC_0012_WM_SM.jpg
    We didn't intend to get another betta, but... We couldn't resist this guy. He was the first plakat that we've seen in our area, and his markings were just too gorgeous to pass up. He was also a "test". The local Petco's fish were looking absolutely terrible, and we had a hunch as to why. When we got home, we tested his water, straight out of his bowl. The ammonia was at 7.8-8 ppm, even though they claimed all the bettas had just had their water changed. I was horrified and livid. Needless to say, our hunch was true, and we will continue to not buy fish from them again. Thankfully, he recovered from the damage that had been caused by the ammonia. He flares at everything! Currently, he's in a 5 gallon, but will also be upgraded to a 10 gallon once we get the room.
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    What a beautiful family you have got there!!