Betta Tail Ripped?


I recently set up a new tank with a Betta, my rubber lip pleco, and a few neon tetras and black neon tetras. My Betta is a 6 month old elephant ear Betta and he's adjusting well with the tetras. I've been keeping an eye on them and they're getting along well. Sometimes my pleco chases the Betta if he gets too close but never for long and I haven't seen him actually headbutt him or anything.

However this afternoon I got home from work and noticed my Betta's tail is torn in some places where it wasn't this morning. My first suspicion was the tetras bit it but it doesn't look like bites, more like tears, and after watching them and keeping an eye on them for several hours the tetras never make moves to bite at him or anything. I don't think I have sharp edges in my tank, I do have a few rocks but they're all low to the ground and pretty dull. Any idea what this could be? What do I do to help his tail heal up? (I've tried to attach a pic, I'm not sure if it'll work).



It might be the rocks if he decided to squeeze through or by them.


My betta has had a similar issue ever since his tank cycled months ago. I've changed decor and tank mates and used different filters for different flow, all the while keeping his water very pristine. I have no idea what causes it, possibly it's stress from me leaving the light on for longer than he likes.
Anyway, I've figured out how to keep the injury healing. I bought a big bottle of seachem stress guard and it makes a big difference within a week. Dosing 3-5ml per day in my 10g.
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