Betta staying in top corner of tank??

  1. kinhuskie Initiate Member

    i got myself a betta on wednesday, he as been in top corner of the tank since then,doesent even come out for food,anyone got any ideas on why this is happening?
  2. iRun Member Member

    Is he in the 450L planted tank in your profile, or a different one? There are some fish in your 450L that would stress a beta

  3. kinhuskie Initiate Member

    yes he's in the 450L planted,do you know which fish would stress it?and is there anything i could do to help the situation?
  4. iRun Member Member

    Though tank conditions and individual fish personalities vary, the beta experts on here would definitely tell you that the red tailed black shark, silver dollars, and angels are not ideal tank mates. Worst case scenario is that he is getting bullied. Bad case scenario, just the active confident nature of the tankmates intimidates him. Best case scenario he's just feeling things out. I've had fish take several days to adjust to new environment, new tankmates, new food, new water parameters. Some folks don't even try to feed new fish the first day or two. If you see him get bullied you gotta get him out pronto. IMHO, if it goes two weeks with no improvement (even with no obvious bullying) time for a real estate upgrade for señor Beta.
    Hopefully the Beta-xperts on here weigh in.

  5. kinhuskie Initiate Member

    thanks for all your help,He's deffo not being bullied,that is what i thought and i have been looking out for it,unless its going on after lights out.
  6. DaveC426913 Member Member

    What is the arrangement of your tank?

    Bettae are often not good swimmers because of all their finnage. He may find the current in the tank not to his liking.
  7. kinhuskie Initiate Member

    thats probably it,i have 2 filters running,and i would say it is causing quite a bit of what??

  8. soltarianknight Fishlore VIP Member

    I wouldnt be keeping him with the angle and redtail and the likes. Hes probably overly intimidated. Besides, you didnt QT the fish, so if it so happens that hes sick, he can spread it to all the other fish in the tank. Quarantining fish is a very important part of owning them. If he cant handle the current id move him to a smaller tank with less current. A cycled 5-10gal in ideal.