Betta Spots Of Raised Scales

  1. Amy Haas Initiate Member

    Hi all!
    My betta has spots of raised scales. He eats, swims and seems fine? Suggestions????? (I tried to upload a pic but it says the file is too large.)
  2. Katie13 Fishlore VIP Member

    Try cropping the photo. Do his scales appear to be pineconing. Some of mine have slightly raised scales around their abdominal area after feeding and because of weight in that area.
  3. Amy Haas Initiate Member


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  4. Amy Haas Initiate Member

    Can you see the pic?

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  5. DarkDolphin Initiate Member

    That doesn't look normal to me. I don't know for sure but my guess is it's either bacterial infection, fungal infection or tumors. Did the betta have those bumps/lumps when you got it, or did those lumps/bumps appear over time? Does the betta look like it's constantly rubbing up against stuff like trying to scratch an itch? I'd keep an eye on it to monitor in case the betta's condition deteriorates, and keep the betta in clean water and make sure the water parameters are good (get one of them API Freshwater Master Kit things, for testing water quality if not have aleady)...
  6. bopsalot Well Known Member Member

    It's ok, I think the OP accidentally double posted this thread, and she's currently treating the betta for columnaris with some success in the other thread. Thanks!
  7. Amy Haas Initiate Member

    My betta didn't have any bumps when I bought him 2 years ago. One showed up, then he got stressed and more came. He does not rub against things. He eats and swims like a happy fish.
  8. Amy Haas Initiate Member

    Yes, thank you.