Betta Sorority Warning

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by wrs2, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. wrs2 Well Known Member Member

    I just wanted to make a post to add to the countless others about why sorority tanks are a BAD idea! To start, this was my 3rd attempt at a sorority tank. I knew they were bad news, but I wanted to try again anyways. I thought I had a successful sorority as it has been at least 6 months with no major issues. I thought there was some nipping a month or so back, so I removed the Rasbora from the girls tank and the nipping if fins stopped. One of the Rasbora was a bit of a jerk. They’re in a nice heavily planted tank always swimming around with each other. The tank had a Blue Green Algae outbreak so I had to take everything out to try and remove the algae. It was everywhere! I added some fake plants and hardscape to the tank so the girls still had territory, but they still schooled around together like it was nothing. I found one of the girls dead while doing the algae removal and thought nothing of it as she was a bug girl and thought maybe she was just bloated from eating too much. Now that she’s gone the heirachy is ina disarray and the girls, over night, look like they went to war! All small bites all over each other and now covered in what looks like fungus. I had to separate them all and try to treat them. Two died already and two more will likely soon as well. This tank was a mistake and I want everyone out there who thinks they want a sorority to reconsider because they may be good one day but the next can be a total war! Be warned!

  2. TheWanderingFish New Member Member

    A sorority was something I was considering trying and after reading all the horror stories I decided it wasnt worth it. Reading your post has reinforced that so thank you. Much as I love bettas, here it does indeed seem to be a case of 'too much of a good thing is bad (for them)'

  3. wrs2 Well Known Member Member

    Yes definitely! I thought because they were getting on so well they would be fine together during the algae fight, but nope! There was one girl who looked perfectly fine too, but she was dead this morning as well. I don’t know how many will survive the fight. I wish I caught it sooner and separated them, but this would’ve likely happened at one point or another with the one betta dying, this was inevitable.

  4. w3amz Valued Member Member

    It's unnatural and as you said can go wrong in a heartbeat even after time. In the wild bettas have about a square meter each (3 feet by 3 feet) between their territories. This is like having a 100 gallon tank each and even then it's fully covered with vegetation so they can't see each other.

  5. CanadianFishFan Well Known Member Member

    Well now I am more Pernod of mine. My 4 have never nipped. Sororitys are risky but I am going with it!

  6. Happy Mama Valued Member Member

    I’m curious...what size was your tank? Before adding to a community, did they come from separate cups?
  7. BettaBelieveIt123 New Member Member

    Yeah after hearing horror stories I would not attempt one, Yet after I bred my Plakat male and koi female, I was left with around 15 females and removed all the males, so far the girls have been tolerating each other, with daily hierarchy challenges. I'm hoping since they grew up together that maybe it would work out. If I notice too much aggression, I will be forced to remove and separate.
  8. wrs2 Well Known Member Member

    It’s a 20 long and yes they were all from different places and separate cups.
  9. Rtessy Fishlore VIP Member

    Dang, so sorry to hear that :(
    Unfortunately, I keep hearing that they fail after 6-12 months, personally I don't think I'll keep one.
    Maybe next time (if you're up for it, sorry man :() try some wilds? I've got a 20 long that's got quite a few imbellis, they get along well. Had a m/f pair, but honestly I think you should go with more, when it was just them it didn't go all that well.
  10. wrs2 Well Known Member Member

    I'm so over betta fish to be honest. The quality of bettas has gone down hill. I find it difficult to keep them alive for more than 9 months. Something always seems to go wrong health wise. These girls were doing great, but now 4 of them have died, one of them is a complete disaster and the other 3 looks somewhat okay, yet they are covered in fungus! Well not really covered covered, just in a few spots. I am trying to treat them, so hopefully they will be okay! I never even saw them fight with each other. It must have happened over night. It's just very sad.
  11. Rtessy Fishlore VIP Member

    Aw man, I'm so sorry! Gosh, that sounds like it's just awful :(
    I feel you though, I can't seem to find any normal bettas without serious health issues. Sure, they're fine for about 3-5 months (not all are, some passed before then), then some random obscure thing pops up. I think I even had one with scoliosis.
    Fingers crossed that the rest pull through!!
  12. SM1199 Well Known Member Member

    I had a rescue double tail with scoliosis, it's certainly possible! It's a genetic defect that double tails with two copies of the double tail gene will show, along with a few other odd physical abnormalities.
  13. Rtessy Fishlore VIP Member

    It's not letting me quote posts, but how odd! I'd heard of it happening, but it was a normal long tail (halfmoon or delta), and just the way the spine curved, I'm not sure it was scoliosis or something else. At first, I thought it was SBD, but soon it became apparent that the spine bent upwards, almost a perfect curve, but the head was sitting about 1/2-1" below the end of the tail (not fin). Poor little dude!!
  14. SM1199 Well Known Member Member

    That's really strange, I've never heard of that before. I know some bettas will have "hunchbacks," but that sounds different, or maybe just a very exaggerated hunchback. I don't think it would be scoliosis, since scoliosis is the spine bending laterally off-center, and that sounds like the spine was bending dorsoventrally. Really strange either way though, poor guy!
  15. wrs2 Well Known Member Member

    I don't usually have as many issues with the girls as I do with the boys - especially the fancy tail ones.
    Of course I say no issues with the girls as these 4 are dealing with fungus. Tomorrow I'm going to start a fungus med. 1st day I did Methalyn (sp) blue baths. Then kanaplex. Why I have no idea. Fingers crossed these 4 do okay! I wish I could just do a peroxide swab, but I'm unsure if that would treat a fungus.
  16. Rtessy Fishlore VIP Member

    Best of luck dude!! I'm rooting for you!

    And yeah, it wasn't a hunch back, because it never went back down, just looked like half a parabola
  17. AbraCadaver Valued Member Member

    Try ich-x. It’s wonderful, and treats multiple things including fungal infections. Most of my fish are Bettas, and all of them but 3 are ones I rescued and treated for fin rot or ich. I have 3 males and 7 females in the same tank, it’s gorgeous! Some of my males are cranky so they have their very own 10 gallon tanks. But yeah, try ich-x. I purchase mine from aquarium co-op. It usually takes about 3 days to see improvement and 5-7 to totally heal the fish of the disease! I swear by it. It’s saved a bunch of lives in this house.
  18. imba Well Known Member Member

    Sorry to hear this.

    There are so many other options for a nice community tank, I feel that I'd never want to risk trying a betta sorority
  19. wrs2 Well Known Member Member

    All but one of the girls ended up passing away. The only one that survived this sorority failure survived the previous sorority fail. I’m going to give her her own tank. Currently she’s back in the 20 gallon, but I’m making that a themed tank if black and white fish, so she doesn’t fit the color scheme.
  20. MrBryan723 Well Known Member Member

    Ok, lots of fun misinformation and good facts here. For one, sororities are super normal for bettas. The females school, the males don't. 20g is too small for one tho. 55 is good and you can have several. The more the better. Bare absolute minimum would be 5. What happened with your tank is the matriarch(alpha) died. A male will help with hierarchy in a larger tank.