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  1. sdl1982

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    My Betta (Valentine) has had an issue for the last month, I have tried treating with Melafix, Aqarium Salt, and Marineland All in One Remedy.

    I have also torn down his tank and sanitized everything with a bleach/water solution and then rinsed and dechlorinated the tank multiple times, when I set it back up I left it bare other than one ornament that was also bleached just so he would have somewhere to hide/rest. I did this after 3 weeks of no change in his condition and after noticing white fuzz all over the glass. He has been in his newly sanitized home now for a week, and I am doing daily water change since I did not want to chance moving his old bio media back to this home. I would really like to get him well for many reasons including that I have a new home that I have aquascaped for him but I don't want him to bring his disease into a new tank.

    I have attached a few photos for reference, sorry they are somewhat blurry as its hard to get a great photo of the affected area with my phone. The main spot in by his mouth and eye, but in the last image you can see a small white area on his main body as well.

    Photo Apr 19, 7 14 48 AM.jpgPhoto Apr 19, 7 14 53 AM.jpgPhoto Apr 19, 7 15 01 AM.jpg
  2. Algonquin

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    Hi and welcome to Fishlore. Can you please provide some more details on his symptoms? the pictures are pretty dark. You said he's had issues for a month, can you please describe? His appearance, activity level, appetite etc.

    And a few other questions:
    what are the water parameters (Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, PH)?
    What is the temperature?
    What & how often is he eating?

    Also, you said you moved his bio filter - where did you move it to? Does his tank currently have a filter? Is this tank cycled?
    The more info you can provide, the more help the folks on the forum can provide.
  3. OP

    sdl1982New MemberMember

    He overall seems to act normal, he still eats and builds bubble nests as well.

    There is no current biological filtration due to my bleaching the tank, I did not want any cross contamination from any previous bacterial blooms that may be affecting him.
    I did verify that my chlorine levels were at 0 before he was placed back in the tank.
    The tank is currently filtered with just a filter pad, and I did add some Tetra SafeStart Plus to try and restart the nitrogen cycle. But I will continue to do daily water changes to help keep any free-floating diseases down.

    PH 7.6
    Water Temp 78F
    Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate are all 0 as of last night, I do daily water changes right now.
    He is eating twice daily and its the Aqueon color enhancing food as well as Fluval Bug bites.

    I will try to get better photos today under better lighting, but he is primarily black in color, he is a crowntail and all of his coloration is on his back half, all his fins look to be in good shape.
  4. Algonquin

    AlgonquinWell Known MemberMember

    Ok, so that all sounds good, sooo.... can you please describe what exactly is wrong with him?
  5. OP

    sdl1982New MemberMember

    As referenced in the photos above, I know they are dark sorry, but he has white fuzzy growths around his eye and has one on his side, he should be 100% black fins forward. I did forget to add that I added adder cones as well for the natural health benefits as well.
  6. Algonquin

    AlgonquinWell Known MemberMember

    Ok so it sounds like he's got a fungus of some kind - are these the same symptoms you have been treating for a month with Melafix, Aquarium Salt and the All In One? Were you treating with those all at once, or were you using each of them separately to see what might help?
    Sounds like he may need something stronger, if it's the same problem that is still hanging around after a month of various attempts at treatment.
    I'm wondering if the white fuzz you mentioned that was on the glass is likely just the harmless kind that grows on plants & driftwood etc - I don't know that the kind of fungus that grows on the fish would do that.
    I've never needed to do a fungus treatment - perhaps some other members on the forum can chime in on what meds might be most effective here?
  7. OP

    sdl1982New MemberMember

    I started with the All in One, after I ran that for a week with no visible change, I then moved onto Melafix and Aqarium salt per the instructions on both and ran them together for 3 weeks. I started dosing the All in One with the other two products Monday.

    As for the white fuzz it was also on the suction cups and on some of the ornaments, it may of been harmless but my mindset was to remove all possible causes during treatment, and starting over in this tank wasn't a huge undertaking as I plan to turn it into a quarantine tank once my Betta moves into his new home
  8. Algonquin

    AlgonquinWell Known MemberMember

    Re the white fuzz in the tank, what water conditioner do you use? anything else you are adding to the tank regularly (not including the meds you mentioned). How often do you normally clean the tank ornaments & glass etc and do water changes?
    Reason I'm asking, I was using a water conditioner a while back that had a 'stress coat' product of some kind added to it - which I discovered created a white film on a lot of the stuff in the tank, specifically on the suction cups. I switched to Prime, haven't had that issue since.
  9. Nikkikittu711

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    It could be cotton mouth betta fish get it but I have never seen then live this long with it if that's what it is. When mine hade it I treated with herbal actives artemiss it's Chem free and works great
  10. OP

    sdl1982New MemberMember

    I am using prime to treat my water, For my water change water I fill a 5 gallon bucket and add the prime to it with a heater and powerhead, and that is stored with everything running in a separate room until its water change time.
    That way my PH on the incoming water is stable and everything is the correct temperature and its aerated when it comes water change time.

    When I get home today I will grab a light and try to get a few better pictures under bright light conditions.
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  11. WanhiBetta

    WanhiBettaValued MemberMember

    This is fungus.

    Never treat a betta with Melafix for any reason, it is extremely dangerous for their labyrinth organ and is often deadly for them. There are many safer medication for fungus, like Maracyn-2, Fungus cure and others!
  12. OP

    sdl1982New MemberMember

    I will pick up some Fungus Cure this weekend as I haven't seen any Maracyn-2 locally.

    Here are some better photos now that I am home and was able to take some, Please disregard the white hair in the last 2 photos as I just did a partial water change and somehow managed to get a dog hair in the picture and I didn't notice until I took the pictures.

    Photo Apr 19, 4 45 43 PM.jpgPhoto Apr 19, 4 45 22 PM.jpgPhoto Apr 19, 4 44 37 PM.jpgPhoto Apr 19, 4 43 53 PM.jpgPhoto Apr 19, 4 43 52 PM.jpg

    BETTALADIESNew MemberMember

    My betta has this same thing. I don't know what it is and one of his eyes fell out.
    He seems to be getting better and finally eating again but the "fuzz" is still there.

    I have been using seachem sulfaplex.
  14. Algonquin

    AlgonquinWell Known MemberMember

    Yes, definitely looks like fungus. API Fungus Cure is a good option, you can also try Seachem's Kanaplex or Polyguard, (or BettaLadies recommendation of Sulfaplex) for this. What you choose to use will also depend on what meds you have available to you. A number of good options out there, fungus is a pretty common ailment for fish.
    Be sure to remove any carbon in your filter before dosing :)