Betta seeing his reflection?

  1. PJMattio Initiate Member

    So I got my 5.5 gallon tank up and running again with a new Betta that I rescued from Petco and so far he seems to love his new home compared to the cup he was sitting in. Only problem I see is with my new light. I got the Finnex Stingray LED light for my tank to help my plants grow but I feel like it might be too bright? When the light is off, he acts perfectly fine and he is also fine when the light is on with the light of my room on. But when I have my rooms light off and the tank light on, within a few seconds he starts to flare up due to seeing his reflection. I have the back and sides of the tank covered which seems to help a little but he can still see his reflection.

    His light is set on a timer from 8 AM to 4PM but on days like today where it is not too bright outside, he sees his reflection. Any advice would be appreciated because I would prefer to not keep my rooms light on when I am not even home.
  2. octavio Member Member

    Provide the little guy with some floating plant(s) so he has some shade to escape under. Bettas really don't like strong light. They don't have eyelids. Good luck.

  3. PJMattio Initiate Member

    That's a good idea. Right now I have an anubias plant and a java fern that he likes to swim around and a barrel decoration that he can swim into for some shelter. What kind of floating plant do you recommend?
  4. s hawk Well Known Member Member

    I have a finnex stingray in a 5.5. In terms of watts per gallon it's below whatever they recommend for planted tanks. I have anubias nana and the assorted petco anubias (barebottom tank) been seeing growth in both plants. Had success with water wisteria as a floating plant. Only really one or two of the five stems survived but had bad stock light. It would do very well I bet with the stingray.

  5. PJMattio Initiate Member

    I'll look into getting some of that for my tank. Hopefully it blocks off some of the light so he doesn't see his reflection anymore. Here is a picture of the tank with the light off. I put some magazines on the sides to cover them up but I think I will get some black construction paper and tape it to the sides. Any other suggestions?

  6. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    Anacharis can grow as a floater and block plenty of light.

    Duckweed blocks plenty of light but needs still water (I use this and I baffled my water flow so it doesn't knock the duckweed everywhere) plus it can be a mess, get in your filter, ect. Some people hate it some people love it. Duckweed is also known for being good at absorbing nitrates.

    Frogbit, this is similar to duckweed but not as annoying, due to it being larger, it won't get stuck in your filter as much and is more resistant to water flows. When Frogbit roots grow out it looks sorta like a forest growing from above, good for fish to hide in.
  7. PJMattio Initiate Member

    I think I will look into getting some Frogbit. Should I buy enough to cover pretty much the entire top of the tank or would that block off too much light for the other plants? And is it hard to find in most pet stores?

  8. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    I haven't seen it in pet stores but maybe yours have it, you can get it online, like on Amazon. There's some quality companies on there. And I'd probably just buy a small batch. It will spread over time and if your Betta wants shade he will hang under what is there. Betta like floating plants anyways, they like to hide under them. Indian almond leaves are cool too, they'll float for a while and then sink and look very natural as a leaf litter. I cut my almond leaves into smaller pieces.
  9. PJMattio Initiate Member

    Anything else I can do to help hide his reflection? I am still a little worried that light will get through and he will still be able to see his reflection on the front of the tank. Don't want him to get stressed out =/
  10. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    When did you get him? 2 things will happen in time.

    He will get comfortable after being in the tank for a while.

    The glass will get a little dirtier and be less reflective.

    It's likely he will get over it eventually. Mine has weird moods sometimes but gets over it eventually haha.

  11. PJMattio Initiate Member

    I got him on Monday so two days ago. I let the tank cycle for three days with just Prime and then I used Tetra Safestart Plus right before I bought him. Gonna test the water tomorrow but other than his reflection he seems to be doing really good. Eating fine and seems to like exploring his tank.
  12. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    Yup sounds normal. Don't worry about him, he seems happy and healthy. Btw be sure not to add any prime or do any water changes or anything for two weeks now that you've done the TSS+ it's best not to test the water either because you'll get false readings from the TSS+ lol it'll drive you bonkers but just let it go for the 2 week period.

    Oh and don't feed him too much since you won't be able to do water changes. A little bit every other day should suffice.
  13. SuzanaBanana Member Member

  14. PJMattio Initiate Member

    Thanks for the advice! I have been feeding him 3 Omega one pellets every morning. Should I switch to 3 pellets every other morning during this two week period or even less?
  15. SuzanaBanana Member Member

    I feed mine the same pellets, he eats about 3-4
  16. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    3 pellets every other morning should keep him fed. I think it takes about a week or two of no food to starve a Betta, so you definitely don't have to feed him every day. I would keep the every other day schedule even after its cycled personally but if the tank can handle the bioload there's no harm in spoiling him by feeding him each morning. Don't forget to pick up some bloodworms too!
  17. PJMattio Initiate Member

    Thanks for the help everyone!
  18. FishLover2393 Initiate Member

    I wouldn't worry about the reflection to much. I have a red crown tail and when I first got him he did the exact same thing especially when I turned my room light off. After a while he will get over it.