Betta S Tail Ripping

  1. Betta.Gourami.Guppy Initiate Member

    I've been recently noticing my Betta tail ripping, he's in a around 5 or so litre tank with one plant (not sure which species) and small smooth pebbles, but the think that also worries me is the two bumble gobies I also have in there, one died this morning unfortunately.
    I thought it might be the Betta nipping it's own fins but I don't know to be sure. Are Bumblee gobies peaceful?
    Sorry I couldn't get any pics because of the dead goby, (I have a phobia of most dead animals ,mostly fish)
  2. bopsalot Well Known Member Member

    Hello! I'm no sure that's the best combination of fishies. How long have they been together? I think the bumblebee goby is a brackish fish, maybe? Not entirely sure. Don't they need salt? And they can be nippy with long-finned fish, like bettas. That's a pretty small tank to put other fish in with a betta. A betta might feel quite threatened and stressed by a goby in a very small tank with nowhere to go. Maybe consider getting a second tank for your goby, and research their needs as far as minimum tank size and water requirements. Good luck!

    Edit: I looked around a little, and gobies are brackish, but can also be found in freshwater, apparently. I didn't do extended research, though. So that is likely ok. But still, it's a little cramped, it's possible there's some nipping going on. Hope this helps!

  3. tunafax Well Known Member Member

    Keep in mind that 5 liters is about 1.25 gallons.

    That's not enough for a single betta, let along other fish. Worse, the betta will eventually kill anything in their tank in a territory so small, if toxicity won't kill it first - which sounds like it already happened. Separate the fish and give them adequate aquariums, then worry about ripping which is likely just fin rot.
  4. Fanatic Well Known Member Member

    You need to have 2.5 gallons for a single betta, with 5 gallons being recommended.

  5. bopsalot Well Known Member Member

    You have a point. I didn't want to go there. Lol. But yeah, bettas need at least 2.5 gallons, preferably 5-10 gallons. Filtered and heated. Otherwise, it's too small for swimming, and very, very difficult to maintain a stable environment for the betta. The goby needs a bigger tank as well. Sorry about that. I just want you to succeed, and the needs of your fish to be met. Correct these problems and your fish have a much better chance. Thanks for posting!
  6. Betta.Gourami.Guppy Initiate Member

    This is the tank
  7. jl_1005 Member Member

    Is the plant plastic? If so, it can easily rip a betta's fin

  8. Betta.Gourami.Guppy Initiate Member

    This is my mums tank so I don't know when she got it except I know it was around late June early July, It may be plastic but I think the front is glass.
  9. Prism Well Known Member Member

    That is way to small for a betta, I would recommend 2.5g+, I would mainly only do plakcat in a 2.5g, so I would recommend 5g+ for your betta only. Is the plant plastic, or silk?
  10. Fanatic Well Known Member Member

    That's a Anacharis, or Eleo plant.
    It's 100% real.

  11. tunafax Well Known Member Member

    2.5g is the smallest tank for sluggish swimmers and bettas with large tails.

    Plakats and females don't have a tail handicap and therefore need 5g minimum because of how active they are.
  12. Betta.Gourami.Guppy Initiate Member

    Just found out that my tank is 10 Litres
  13. Prism Well Known Member Member

    Your tank is about 2.6g.
  14. Betta.Gourami.Guppy Initiate Member

    I am now treating the tank with blue planet multicure which cures white spot velvet and fungal diseases, I already used it on my fish suffering from white spot and it proved to work extremely well and fast I also have moved the Betta temporarily to my 70 litres after a blackout (and because it is hard to remove activated carbon in his own tank) so I put him in a breeder and this is the update, (the water is green because of the treatment)

    And 3 of my neon tetras in the 70 litres are also suffering from mouth/body rot