Betta Rescue

  1. KO_

    KO_ Valued Member Member

    The other day I was at Petco and found a sickly looking Betta. His cup said "Adoption $2". I had a cycled 10g at home so I took him home! Store said he was brought in when a landlord found him left behind by a tenant. He has some fin rot and at first was just kind of floating around, he has become very active and gained some size. Do I need to medicate the fin rot? Or can I just do water changes and he should pull out of it? Sorry for the poor pic, I'll post a better one soon.[​IMG]
  2. PythonTheBetta

    PythonTheBetta Valued Member Member

    Water changes should cure it, medication is usually discouraged. If it's severe enough some recommend aquarium salt but I don't know if it's necessary in your case
  3. KyleMarie

    KyleMarie Valued Member Member

    From what I've heard very clean water and frequent water changes should clear up the fin rot. If its very bad you could use aquarium salt or maybe a very small dosage of Betta fix, but that it up to your discretion. But for the most part I've heard most cases of fin rot can be cured with clean water.