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    hey everybody. i was just given a 2 gallon betta tank by my sis-in-law. it was the worst ive ever seen. it was her kids and they never took care of it. the poor fish looks sooooo sick. appearently the fish is only several months old but he looks about 100. poor guy. the water was orange when i got it last night. i changed the water 100% and added a little bacteria. ive never had a betta before so i know nothing of their needs. i understand that they are somewhat hardy. i was needing any info on what might be a good treatmen for this guy. he just looks really sick..

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  2. Tigress Hill

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    Please do post a picture. Does he just seem poorly through loss of coloration and lack of movement, or other outward signs? Find out his water readings and slowly give him clean water, else he may go into shock.
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    I would not have done a 100%. That could shock-kill the fish from going from really bad to superb. Definitely get some pictures posted up. Make sure the tank is heated to 78-82f. A 2gal will not cycle safely for a betta in this case, bypass adding bacteria, 2 weekly 100% water changes will suffice much safer.

    A bigger tank will be needed but 2gals is a good hospital tank. I would get something in the 5gal range and start cycling it while the little guy recovers. Even a plastic bin will do.
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    here are some pics. he seems to be much better. im gonna make this tank into a hospital. i put a heater on it.
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    I hoping those are water spots in the pic if not I would guess ammonia burns. But he is a pretty boy I would soak his food in garlic water before feeding him it well help him get better. Plus give him a thawed frozen mashed up pea to help get his digestion back on track. I am glad he has a great mommy/ daddy.
  6. soltarianknight

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    He looks great considering. The only things i can say is that his Pectoral fins are a little torn and his general body/spinal shape is bad, however, that is genetic. Clean warm water and a good diet should fix him right up. He looks a bit thin as well.