Betta Reflections

  1. Christian Villanueva Member Member

    Hey guys!

    So I've recently put a black background on my tank and my betta wont stop flaring at his own reflection. Will this stress him out over long periods of time? or should I just get rid of the black background entirely? Thank you!
  2. KimberlyG Well Known Member Member

    They get used to it and stop flaring. At least mine do.

  3. RyleighJ Member Member

    What kind of lighting do you have? If the tank is brighter inside than the area outside of it, he'll see his reflection even more. (Like looking through a window at night. It's bright in your house but dark outside, and you can see your reflection very well in the window). Try putting a lamp next to the tank and see if that helps.
  4. Christian Villanueva Member Member

    Honestly I got this light from amazon and it has two settings, I cant exactly explain what the two settings are, sorry. My betta is still flaring at his reflecting and its been about 2 hours now. I'm almost 100% positive this isnt good for him :(

  5. saket Member Member

    could you post a picture of your tank. if the flaring doesnt stop i would suggest you to get a plastic printed sheet for aquarium tanks they are cheap and a good background too.
  6. AngelTheGypsy Fishlore VIP Member

    Turn the tank light off. I have one that the tank is in shadow, and if the room isn't bright enough and his light is on he flares at himself. He used to do it more, and it has become less of an issue, but I also think he's a bit aggressive and just likes to flare. He flares at me when everything is bright and sunny! (Lots of natural daylight in the room)
  7. Christian Villanueva Member Member

    So thats his tank and thats the little guy who gets angry at himself. I've turned the lights off completely now. Hopefully it'll be better in the morning. Can bettas die from flaring at their own reflections??

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  8. AngelTheGypsy Fishlore VIP Member

    Not really, though if he stresses himself out to the point of constantly being stressed, he could be more likely to get sick, or tail bite, etc. eventually he will figure out that fish isn't there, or isn't going to enter his territory.
    You photos do look like the tank is brighter than the room, so try keeping the light off in the tank unless the room is bright enough not to cause the window effect.
    But really, he should settle down after a while.