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  1. Sammyboi1993

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    Okay so i went to my local lfs today to get some fish food and found a small blue betta in a tank with guppys and a pictus cat and his fins were ripped to shreds and i felt sorry for him so i want to buy him, iv got a small 5 gallon tank with filter but no heater so what i want to know is will a betta be okay in a tank without a heater for a few weeks until i have some spare cash? Any advise would be greatly appriciated thanks :)

  2. uprightandlocked

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    How warm does the room stay that he'll be in? A heated tank is necessary in most situations (very few people have houses that stay at 76-80 degrees consistently!) and will also help to heal his fins.

    That being said, a consistent temperature, even if slightly cool, is better for him than being in a place where you warm him during the day and cool him down at night.

    Filtration is great because he needs a cycled tank, too. Treat him with VitaChem if you can find it, and GarlicGuard (or garlic juice from the grocery store) and keep his water clean. Also make sure he has all silk plants, because plastic ones can tear his fins. At least one plant should be tall enough to be near the surface with broad leaves for him to rest in.

    If being without a heater is temporary, I say bring him home and begin nursing him back to health!
  3. OP

    Sammyboi1993Valued MemberMember

    Iv Got A Bottle of A Melafix to heal his fins

    And the temparture in the room is constant during the day and is cooler at night so would that be okay?

    Iv just Found a heater in the back of my cupboard weather it works is a mystery, but its a 100w would that be too powerful for a 5 gallon?
  4. Charlemagne

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    PLEASE DON'T USE MELAFIX!!!!!! I'm not sure where it is, but there's a thread and a warning about using it. Someone else can tell you where it is, but it killed my first betta. I have a rescued betta right now in a 1 gal. bowl w/out a heater. I keep him under a lamp to help keep him warm. IDK if a 100 w would be too powerful or not . . . . someone else can probably tell you that. My little guy is doing fine w/out any meds, but his fins are a bit slow to re-grow. Hope you can save the little blue guy, and he gives you years of enjoyment! :)
  5. OP

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    Iv Got lots of random meds for my 35 gallon so ill find something to help heal him up.

    Iv got a little side lamp i could use to help keep him warm:)

    Iv allways wanted one but never got one he's only £3 and so beautiful :)

    What's the minium sze tank they can be kept in?
  6. uprightandlocked

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    5G is a great tank size for bettas. The minimum is 2.5G tanks. From what I hear they are more difficult to consistently heat.
  7. Meenu

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    In general, the best thing for the fish is clean, fresh, cycled water. It helps prevent disease and helps to cure disease as well. I would not add random meds if I were you. I woud add garlic juice to his diet (natural immune booster), maybe some Vita-chem, and do regular water changes with Prime (if not cycled).

  8. midthought

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    My experience with the 2.5g wasn't so much that they it was more difficult to heat *consistently* but heaters made for tanks that small are generally kind of terrible. Non-adjustable, for one thing, and mine was really warm (like 84-86 degrees). Thankfully bettas are okay at that temp for the most part and I could just take the lid off to let it cool. Also, I don't have much faith in the product, as it was only working intermittently toward the end and recently just stopped working (and in less than 2 months!). :mad:

    Edit: It was also somewhat small though, and I thought so even without comparisons with the larger tanks. I moved my guy from the 2.5g into half of a 10g, and I can definitely recommend 5 gallons or even 10 for a betta.
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  9. jerilovesfrogs

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    100w is too much for a 5g. i have 100w in my 20g. go with a 25w.

    also, don't use bettafix, melafix or pimafix, as these can harm the labyrinth organ in bettas. for now, just make sure he has clean water, and get a heater when you can. and as others say, vita-chem and garlic.
  10. Neji

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    I don't know if it's true, but people say Betta fishes can survive in Cold or Warm water... but I find it hard to believe they can stay in cold water considering how they are from South East Asia... if you have a nice sunny spot where you get really strong sunlight, that should be good enough to keep the water warm during the day. I don't know if the place where you live is cold, but if you still have your furnace running then your Betta should be find. Hopefully you can get a heater soon :)
  11. Tigerfishy

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    Yes, go for a 25w heater, thats what I have in my 14 litre betta tanks. Works great. Hope he heals up soon. I found Vita Chem online, its super for fin regrowth. It's my favourite product haha!
  12. Furallicah

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    ;) There is a chemical in Melafix that destroys the labyrinth organ in bettas, and other air breathing fish. If your betta isnt in a 10gal I wouldnt use it at all. And even then.....