Betta problems.

  1. Sayba

    Sayba Well Known Member Member

    So You might remember my Betta Reuben.

    He never poos (well he must or he'd be dead, but I've never seen it), he is always bloated but fine in himself. He has recently started to get some sort of fin rot, fin loss kind of thing. My water is fine, no ammonia, no nitrite and no nitrates but the PH is around 8 something, as a noobish person I think that is high but I might be wrong. I will test again later because I only just found out I'm meant shake bottle 2...

    I did a big water change today and used to water I took to give him an epsom salt bath I have been putting off for ages, I've been so scared to try it, I put 3 small table spoons in a tank that is just over 3 gallons. Reuben didn't mind this, I thought he would show some stress, but he just acted chill like always. I might so another in a day or two.

    I also fed him some pea for what it's worth, not that it's helped him before.

    I have some aquarium salt on it's way to me, that API salt. I don't know whether or not to do a dip or add it to the tank... Need to research that.

    You get a betta thinking "hardy, tough fish, hard as nails!" well you're wrong.

    My poor little, Reuben Reuby Rubix cube.
  2. Tonia

    Tonia Well Known Member Member

    I would not keep adding salt unless you are doing water changes to remove some as the salt can and will add up. It does not dissolve and leave the water like chlorine will.

    If Reuben has always been a bit bloated, what do you normally feed him and how often do you feed? Is the aquarium heated and filtered? To help with fin rot/ fin loss, keep his water as clean as possible. The salts may help him heal and should help with any bloating, so it is a good idea in moderation. You do not want his tank to end up being a brackish tank.
  3. OP

    Sayba Well Known Member Member

    That's ok I haven't added anything to his tank water, I gave him the epsom salt bath in his old tank water that was removed during the water change. I have no idea what to do with the API salt, but I don't even have it yet it's in the post, I need to research the best method. I did think adding it to the tank might have been risky aince it's just sitting in his water, I'd rather do a dip.

    I'm doing another water change tomorrow so he will have an epsom bath in that removed water. His tank is cycled, heated and filtered, I keep my fish properly lol, But all salt related treatments are done outside his tank.

    He used to be fed betta bio one pellets, now he is fed attinsons. they are tiny pellets, he gets two in the morning and if they weren't large O give him another before bed. I also feed frozen bloodworm and daphnia, he only gets one worm if I do feed frozen, daphnia he normally refuses anyway...