Betta playing dead?

  1. Gamer

    Gamer Well Known Member Member

    Does anyone elses betta ever do this?

    One of my girl bettas was sitting motionless against the filter intake (she doesn't have that long fins) and I'm thinking to myself, "No, she's dead." So I get my net out and open the lid to remove her and when she hears that lid open she turns her attention to the top and swims all the way up thinking it's feeding time and suddenly she is very much full of life. She's been active ever since.

    Man but dang, that really gave me quite a scare and I'm glad it was a false alarm and she's fine lol.

    Thought I'd share.
  2. Dlondon95

    Dlondon95 Well Known Member Member

    One of my bettas does that quite often. He will just sit on his side tangled up in the plants. I just drop a piece of food in the tank and he comes back to life. lol
  3. OP

    Gamer Well Known Member Member

    Ah okay. Well next time it won't catch me off guard lol. I got worried that I lost her. Next time I'll be ready, I've got to keep an eye on this one! ;)
  4. Tigerlily

    Tigerlily Well Known Member Member

    All my bettas have lounged on plants, against the heater, near the filter tube. One lays flat on the gravel bottom occasionally although most of the time he can be found laying in the middle of "his" plant on a bed of leaves.

    They do give one's heart a jump sometimes don't they?
  5. MD Angels

    MD Angels Well Known Member Member

    She might of been sleeping. They can appear dead as they are non responsive while sleeping. :) still, I have thought he same thing and been shocked when they move! Lol