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So as seen in my other threads I am trying to get a betta tank. Anyway I want it to be planted with driftwood, moss balls, a variety of plants, and so on. Any suggestions on a certain place to buy it from, a certain way to set-up, plant advice, or any advice in general. Thanks,
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Can't help on the plants, but if a betta gonna be in there, make sure to smooth out sharp corners on the driftwood. I find real fine grit sandpaper works well!


Floating plants may be nice! Never had them, but I ordered some frogbit for my betta that I'm picking up this weekend. I've read a bunch of great articles this past week on plants for bettas.
Here's one:


A lot will depend on your budget. Def better to get "weathered" driftwood if you want it to sink right away, otherwise you'll have to soak it for possibly weeks + to get it to sink or anchor it to a rock - there are some really cool pieces on etsy if you search freshwater driftwood - keep in mind size of your tank if buying wood online! You can use Gorilla glue GEL (only the gel! Also super glue gel - must be the same ingredient though), to adhere things - plants to rocks, wood to rocks, etc. Go for plants that are low maintenance unless you plan on getting co2, etc... As far as set-up, def agree with sanding any sharp stuff or avoiding sharp things to begin with... and the rest is really up to what you think looks good & will make your fish happy! There are lots of great YouTube vids I've come across in my research... I like Girl Talks Fish's channel and geez, a bunch more I can't think of atm! Hope to see what you come up with!

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