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Betta Photos

  1. Mike

    Mike Fishlore Admin Moderator Member

    Please use this topic to post your Betta photos. I'll leave it stickied so it appears at the top of the posts. Let's see different types of bettas out there.

    You can also show off your pics in the betta picture gallery.



    Please use your own photos, and not material from the internet.

    Please post your photos as attachments, rather than links.

    While your compliments on the photos are really appreciated, text-only posts will be removed after a while to keep the gallery pictures-only. If there is a discussion you do not want to loose, please start it again in a separate thread.


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  2. C

    COBettaCouple Fishlore Legend Member

    Our wild Mahachai Bettas (who like low light and are timid)

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  3. C

    COBettaCouple Fishlore Legend Member

    Our 1st 3 Bettas, Super Mario, Aslan and Sora

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  4. C

    COBettaCouple Fishlore Legend Member

    Our next 3 Bettas, Angel and 2 rescue Bettas (Sweetie - extensive fin and scale damage & Teddy Bear - swim bladder disorder)

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  5. C

    COBettaCouple Fishlore Legend Member

    Our most recent Betta, who has been moved to a tank now and is a beautiful steel Betta.

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  6. chickadee

    chickadee Fishlore VIP Member

    My most spoiled boy, Alexander leads the lot.

    Then of course, there is Nate the little one named after our Natalie.

    Then the Marty Jr. because I could not do without a Marty in my life.

    JT has been hard to get a good picture of but this is the best one so far.

    Here is the latest one of Damon since he is in his new permanent home and is exploring all over the place.

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  7. Jendayi

    Jendayi Valued Member Member

    Click the thumbnails for larger images...







    Cujo and Romeo are having bad tail days, so those are pics when they were having better ones. That's probably the best pic I have gotten of Jett, he is almost impossible to photograph because he is so busy and swims very fast. Plus he recently decided that he hates the camera ;)
  8. j

    jayfl234 Valued Member Member

    Here is three pics of my male betta (Joe Joe) he is really cool a lot different from my tropical fish i have in my 29 gallon tank. He has to be my favorite of all my fish.

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  9. Tom

    Tom Fishlore VIP Member

    Here are the two unnamed females.

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  10. j

    jayfl234 Valued Member Member

    Here are some pics of Joe Joe he was moving around a lot so hope these are good. He has gotten so much brighter since he has been in his new tank. Still trying to find some decor to put in with him all i have is one big plant.

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  11. 0morrokh

    0morrokh Fishlore VIP Member

    Wow, you all have such gorgeous Bettas.
    Here's my little buddies. First is Fuego, second is Cascada. My computer won't let me put more than 2 attachments per post-- ??? ---so I'll put Dorado on the next post.

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  12. 0morrokh

    0morrokh Fishlore VIP Member

    OK here's Dorado. Ugh I don't have any decent pics of him. He always kept moving. :p

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  13. BettaBuddy ~ Miley

    BettaBuddy ~ Miley Well Known Member Member

    i know Skip ALWAYS does that!! lol. hes so funny. and Oscar is just the naughtiest little guy ever!! LOL!!! Miley

    and this is Calamarrie - my sisters betta-

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  14. Sabi

    Sabi Well Known Member Member

    A pic of my siamese fighter
  15. M

    Mari Valued Member Member

    Wow, some people have many beautiful bettas! I have only one, but I am completely in love with him. He is very shy and now actually seems to wait for me to approach the tank and baby him... and look at me all day.... i think the love is mutual :;wv
    Here are a few pics of Pepe, that's his name. Pepe is a Petsmart rescued betta, when I went it was like a betta butchers place, so many dying in those little containers... made me almost cry.
    So here he is! I think I posted these pics somewhere else in the forum, but hey... can't help showing him off. :D

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  16. a

    azzman Valued Member Member

    'Cocaine', 3 months old and he cant decide what colour he wants to be.

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  17. c

    capekate Fishlore VIP Member

    Here are my three bettas.
    First photo is of Precious, my female betta. 2nd photo is of my male, Phoenix and the third photo is of the other male, named 8cents. ;D

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  18. Kevin

    Kevin Well Known Member Member

    i want to get a betta like this ;D

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  19. Jendayi

    Jendayi Valued Member Member

    Here are some pics of Jett that I took tonight. I sometimes feel like Cujo and Romeo take up all my attention because they are always sick and needy. If you get a guy like Jett it is true that bettas are very easy to care for, I'm lucky to have him. So here is Jett, and he is ticked at me for having my finger in his tank to get his attention. Hrm, maybe it's because he's so GRUMPY that I don't talk about him as much! :p Nah... ;) And I didn't even realize his fins had gotten so much longer, wow he's a big boy now! lol

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  20. genie

    genie Well Known Member Member

    Well Here they are:
    Angelis, Methos and Jiles.
    These pics arent so great. They hate the camera already. :;f

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