Betta-paradise Fish Hybrid


Is there such thing? I have seen a picture in this website: Paradise Fish Part 1 (How to care for the Paradise Fish)
but I am not sure if this is real. Any thoughts?

Rainy day

Looks more like a black paradise fish, which is a different species of paradise fish, than it does a hybrid


Yes, that’s a black paradise. They are 2 entirely different species and genus’, because of this I don’t believe it’d be possible to hybrid.


Much of this type of hybridization occurs in a test tube to start. Macropodus and Betta are both in the subfamily Macropodusinae of the Family Osphronemidae. There are many intergeneric hybrids that are genetically compatible so long as they are in the same Family/Subfamily. The usual hybrid blocks are geographic and/or behavioral, both of which are irrelevant in a test tube.

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